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Thomas Wyatt


Taken from the edition by A. K. Foxwell, University of London Press, 1913, and with modern versions and notes appended.





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There is no agreed canon of Wyatt's poems, nor any particular order in which they should or should not be presented. Most readers initially come across his work in anthologies. Here all poems from the manuscipts are included and the order followed is that of A. K. Foxwell, i.e. Rondeaus, Sonnets, Epigrams, Miscellaneous poems, Satires, Poems written after 1536, Poems from the Devonshire manuscript, Poems absent from E & D, Poems from Tottel's Songes and Sonettes. The translations of the Penitential Psalms have not been included. The main corpus derives from the Egerton manuscript (E) (BM 2711). Other poems are found in the Devonshire manuscript (D), in various other manuscript sources, and in Tottel's Miscellany (T).

All sections are now on line, as may be seen from the links listed to the left. A few poems not given in Foxwell have yet to be added. The first line index is also now available.

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The text of this edition is taken from The Poems of Sir Thomas Wiat edited by A.K. Foxwell, London 1913. The modern spelling version and the notes are provided by the Webmaster of this site. The notes are not intended to be exhaustive, but to provide the minimum assistance to students for whom the poems are new.


A facsimile version from the Devonshire manuscript of 'And wilt thou leave me thus?', one of Wyatt's most famous poems, is now available. Click here to access it.

Holbein portraits of the time of Wyatt.


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 Portrait of Sir Thomas Wyatt, by Holbein. In His Majesty's Collection.

 From a print published by J. Chamberlain 1st. Jan. 1812.



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