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ESGI50 - Industrial Mathematics Workshop 24.5.-28.5.2004

ESGI50 (50th European Study Group Mathematics with Industry) is organized at Helsinki University of Technology 24.5. - 28.5.2004. In this weeklong workshop professional mathematicians study real problems submitted by industry and business. The workshop is modelled on the Oxford Study Groups with Industry, which have been held annually since 1968 and which have been successfully copied in Europe, USA, Canada and Australia. This is the second time this workshop is organized in Finland. The first workshop in Finland was organized in October 2002 at Tampere University of Technology.

Mathematicians from universities and state research institutions in Finland and elsewhere, with skills in many areas of mathematics, offer their expertise. In the course of the workshop they work with the company representatives to clarify and precisely define each of the projects. One or more pathways to a solution are identified and then developed. Depending on the scale and complexity of the project, the workshop participants may produce complete solutions or define a specific solution path by the end of the week.

The organizers offer this workshop together with accommodation free of charge to the problem-solvers (mathematicians) to encourage more young mathematicians to take part in this workshop.

The workshop will be organized yearly to promote knowledge transfer between universities and industry.


ECMI (The European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry) has developed this serie of ESGI-workshops from the modell of Oxford University.

CSC, The Finnish IT center for science, supports ESGI50-workshop.

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