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Simply known as the Diddy Bad Boy - Aug 2005
By Gilbert Sam, Jr.

Sean Combs, can be simply called the Diddy. The Diddy, made his announcement in the New York Post, then later appeared on NBC's Today Show with Matt Lauer and Katie Couric. Combs said he now wanted to be known just as "Diddy" as his old name was causing confusion and he wanted to "simplify things".

The 35-year-old singer, producer and turned mogul has already changed his moniker once - from Puff Daddy to P Diddy in 2001. Combs, made the announcement less then 2 weeks away from the MTV VMA's (Video Music Awards) hosted by, the Diddy.

He told the Post that his name was even starting to confuse himself.

"Nobody knew what to call me. I'd notice that people were uncomfortable when I'd meet them for the first time, and then they'd ask me what they should call me," he said.

"I even started to get confused myself - and when I'd called someone on the telephone it took me a long time to explain who I was. Too long."

He added: "One word. Five letters. Period."

Asked if this is the last name change he plans to make, Diddy doesn't skip a beat before replying: "I don't know. I never say never."

Link to P Diddy's live announcement on NBC's Today Show. In free video box. Staff - Complied by wire reports.

Also, find Bad Boy Tidbits and news on the un-official Bad Boy Blog.

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