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Frequently Asked Questions


What advice can you give to help me win poker tournaments?

What poker books can I read to improve my game?

Dutch Boyd Interview with Eric Rosenberg

You received a law degree at the age of 18. Tell me about your childhood. You obviously skipped grades. When did you or your parents realize that you were gifted?

What kind of social impact did being the youngest person in your classes have on you?

Why didn't you pursue a career in law after graduating from law school?

When did you first start playing poker?

At what age did you realize that playing poker was what you wanted to do for a living?

Tell me about how you got into the online poker industry.

How did you fund your first online poker room venture?

There were some troubles with that first room you operated. What happened?

Many people don't believe your story about the PokerSpot funds being kept from you. What do you have to say to the folks that believe you "took the money and ran"?

What steps did you take to try and recover the money?

After Pokerspot's demise what did you do? (i.e. for work, play, etc.)

You finished 12th in this year's WSOP. Take us to the beginning. How did you get your seat in the World Series?

The WSOP was nationally televised on ESPN and they covered you pretty extensively. How did that exposure effect your life?

You have a new poker venture that you are working on. Tell me about that.

How are you going about raising the capital for this new card room?

How has the history of PokerSpot played in with your trying to get funded?

What will you do differently this time to ensure that history doesn't repeat itself? (in regards to your online card room)

What type of assurances would you offer those that would be skeptical in giving you a second chance?

Do you have a plan in place that would eventually pay back those that lost their funds at PokerSpot?

When you first came into the public eye, you referred to yourself as “Russ”. Now you go by the nickname of “Dutch”. Where did you get that nickname?

And last, but not least... Do you consider yourself to be a genius?


The following was given in a Q&A between Eric Rosenberg of Live Action Poker and Dutch Boyd.


LAP: Why didn't you pursue a career in law after graduating from law school?

Dutch Boyd : I suppose I stopped wanting to be a lawyer after I interned for a couple law firms during the summer after my first year. All of the lawyers I worked for didn't seem too happy with their jobs. They worked long hours, had very little time for anything outside of their work, and at the end of the week they didn't even get paid all that much. It was mostly thankless work, and you really saw people at their worst. I still toy with the idea of pursuing something in law, though.