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Sometimes you just can’t dam up the cynicism. You’ve no choice but to let it come flooding out, however icky and mold-speckled. And BFMV have just slipped me a major case. These dudes, having made their entry at 2004’s Download Festival at Donington, are so “now” you just want to tell them to fuck right off on that basis alone.

Where to start? The obvious would be that name. I mean, how much blunter can you say “screamo metal band with fashion-core ’dos and Myspace-cutter goth-heartache obsession”? The post-Eighteen Visions/Bleeding Through fixation is confirmed via the Welsh quartet’s oh-so-cutting-edge mélange of widdlesome “heavy metal” leads, screech’n’croon’n’groan “post-hardcore” vocals, and plaintive Spandau Ballet-meets-Poison balladry. How much louder can you scream that you’re ready and willing to grab some, any, all of Atreyu and Avenged Sevenfold’s fanbase, and that you’ll entirely forsake the chance to step out on your own?

The worst part is that the music itself isn’t all that bad, for the genre. “Cries in Pain” even threatens to kick some major ass before drowning in vocal sub-Incubusisms. But again, that’s hardly an accident. This band is being groomed for big things, even though it’s damned hard to see how, in the short time it’ll probably take them to get there, they’ll be able to acquire the kind of self-awareness it’ll take to be as embarrassed as they should be about this first EP. Then again, it may never happen, and everyone has to start somewhere. Just not here.

—Daniel Lukes

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