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Rotten Sound



The easiest reissue job ever?

Record companies are funny. While I can understand the paranoia throughout the album-peddling business, what with people taking time away from downloading porn to download music, the industry takes funny steps to prevent people from filesharing, steps that don’t usually include releasing quality albums worth listening to from start to finish. One way labels encourage the purchase of enjoyable albums by us promo-getting writer types is to package their latest releases in cardboard slipcases that feature compressed album covers—no booklet, lyrics or liner notes. Sometimes it works; most of the time it doesn’t, since the record isn’t very good to begin with or, as in this case, you’re dealing with a reissue you’re not sure about.

Granted, Relapse has taken the reins Necropolis dropped when that clusterfuck of a label originally “released” Murderworks, but the conundrum is that I can’t tell you if they made any alterations or tantalizing additions to the booklet in the form of extra photos or band-penned liner notes designed to draw in the public. Sure, there are a few live videos tacked on, but you’d have to have “Rotten Sound” tattooed on your chest to care, and the actual recording doesn’t appear to have been remastered, as the band sound like the customary buzzsaw cutting through sinew. Maybe the advantage with Relapse reissuing this is that, this time, it’ll actually get released.

—Kevin Stewart-Panko

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