Our Services

Security-Vulnerability Assessment and Risk Analysis

"Greystone provides experienced close protection specialists, security drivers, or a full protective detail for any threat scenario around the world."

Greystone can perform extensive security audits for governments and corporations to help identify areas of weakness in their overall security programs. These audits and risk analyses examine methods, procedures, and systems for security vulnerabilities. Greystone is prepared to evaluate corporate programs ranging from personnel protection to disaster and terrorist response plans. Should an area require modification, we will assist in implementing those improvements as requested by the client.
Greystone maintains and trains a workforce drawn from a diverse base of former special operations, defense, intelligence, and law enforcement professionals ready on a moment's notice for global deployment.

Specialty Skills Base


Our diverse talent pool can provide personnel with various levels of language comprehension, speaking, and reading capability. We have personnel fluent in multiple languages, such as, Spanish, German, Arabic, and others.

Medical Capability:

Our resource pool includes former members of Para-rescue and Special Operations qualified; medic capabilities that can support austere medical operations as well as integrate into other force modules.

Train the Trainer:

Greystone is prepared to deploy assets and materials forward to assist in training indigenous resources in developing a capability to conduct defensive and offensive small group operations, including firearm training requirements. Off-the-shelf standard field operations packages consist of 30 days of training to support raid, reconnaissance, and small unit tactics.

Proactive Engagement Teams:

Greystone elements are prepared to configure capabilities to meet emergent or existing security requirements for client needs overseas. Our teams are ready to conduct stabilization efforts, asset protection and recovery, and emergency personnel withdrawal.


Greystone can support risk mitigation and vulnerability assessments with a widely skilled set of individuals that have past experience in the area. Whether the need is for logistics, static facility, or mobile operating environs, Greystone can supply seasoned experts to assist in the risk identification and mitigation approaches.

Security-Vulnerability Assessment Teams (SVA)

. Vulnerability Assessment (Passive)

Greystone's SVA teams are prepared to conduct on-site assessments. Greystone uses a modeling process that is constructed in three parts for clients with medium to large sets of requirements. Initial dialogue is our first step in understanding the client's unique needs and circumstances. We then build a collection and evaluation model that structures the site survey and outlines coordination and access requirements. Upon client review and approval, Greystone conducts the assessment and compiles a findings report with recommendations and implications analysis. The entire process is usually completed within 30-60 days of initial discussions.

. Vulnerability Assessments (Active)

Greystone supports independent, active, non-destructive, Red Cell operations against static and mobile targets. These assessments assist in determining the vulnerabilities of ongoing operational states and existing capabilities. Teaming agreements can also provide unique electronic capabilities in the active, as well as passive, vulnerability arena.

. Site Modeling

Based on support from our teaming partners in the industry, Greystone provides site modeling for blast effects to identify vehicular perimeter and access control. Other modeling capabilities include integrated security solutions for electronic systems, monitor control systems, and support for WMD modeling.

Mobile Security Teams

"Ready Deployment in Support of National Security Objectives as well as Private Interests"

The cornerstone of tailored packages to support operational security solutions is based on the Mobile Security Team. These teams are prepared to support the following types of operations:

. Physical static and mobile security operations including static compound security, large-scale event support, and sensitive facilities protection,
. Personal security operations - corporate executive, high value target executive, and low profile protection operations,
. Surveillance and surveillance detection to include: area, point, personnel, field surveillance, and surveillance detection operations,
. Operational opposing forces for training purposes such as penetration and terrorist exercise operations,
. Mobile training teams - foreign counterparts, 3rd country security operations
. Explosive detection dog teams to support the needs of the civil, law enforcement, and government operations sector
. Maritime training, security, and ride-along services in high-threat environments
. Aviation support using fixed and rotary assets for security, training, emergent exfiltrations, and logistics.