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Dr. Jay Miller, Ph.D.:
Store Manager, Wine Director, & Proprietor

Dr. Jay Miller has had a long-lived love for wine. After earning his Doctorate in Psychology from the University of Maryland, Jay discovered he had an especially astute palate for wine and he even considered opening his own retail wine shop. He began his career as a child psychologist, however, and worked part time as a wine consultant for Wells Liquors to satisfy his blossoming hobby.

While working at Wells, he met Robert Parker, a regular customer. Bob, impressed with Jay’s knowledge and keen tasting skills, invited Jay to work as his assistant on the Wine Advocate, Bob’s monthly wine tasting newsletter. From 1985 until 1998, in addition to practicing psychology, Jay assisted Bob with wine tasting, visits to vineyards, and editing the Wine Advocate. During his 13-year tenure with Bob Parker, Jay tasted over 65,000 wines.

In 1998, Jay retired from the mental health field and entered the wine wholesale business full-time. From 1998 until spring of 2001, he worked as a representative for the Wine Source in Baltimore, Maryland. From April 2001 until September, he worked briefly for another wholesaler, Wines Limited, before concentrating all of his efforts on the opening of Bin 604 Wine Sellers.

Jay’s well-seasoned palate, invaluable contacts in the world of wine, and polished retail skills make him a vital component in Bin 604’s imminent success. Jay’s mantra“the purpose of life is to enjoy it,” translates easily into his great love for wine. Of course, Bin 604’s customers will find Jay’s passion is contagious.

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