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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Power plays experience shrinkage

It's perhaps no secret that there are fewer power plays in games now than there were to start the season, but I don't recall any one adding them up as was done in today's Globe and Mail:

Power plays average a game by week

Week 1 - 13.7
Week 2 - 13.0
Week 3 - 12.9
Week 4 - 13.6
Week 5 - 12.4
Week 6 - 12.0
Week 7 - 11.9
Week 8 - 11.0
Week 9 - 12.1

In graphical format, it reads like so:

Hmmm, that looks kinda lame. Well, anyhow, by my projections, power plays will drop to less than three per game by mid-February, and we'll have have the most freeflowing, whistle-free hockey we've ever seen.

Or something.

The average number of power plays for the 2003-04 season was 8.5, so we still have a ways to go yet.

More later.


At 5:00 PM, Kelvin said...

Kia Ora (Helllo) from a blogger down under in New Zealand, who has never played hockey in his life. (played hookey from school maybe) I was surfing thru the blog world, when your blog "popped" up. Can I mention your blog on one of my blogs ? 21 21 21 Blogs.

At 10:10 PM, The Puck Stops Here said...


A really simple way to make your graph look better and tell your story a little better.

Since all your y values are between 11 and 13.7 there is lo reason at all that your graph needs to go all the way to y=0. Why not limit the y range to 10 to 15 or something like that?


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