Mike Troy

Mike Troy is a double Olympic Gold Medalist, world record holder, and an NCAA and an AAU Champion. Mike has been inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame, as well as the Indiana University Hall of Fame, and the Helms Arco Hall of Fame. He is a teacher, a mentor, and an inspiration to all those who admire his dedication to the sport he has loved since the age of 8.

Mike began swimming competitively at the age of 12. He won two gold medals in the 1960 Olympic Games for the U.S. in the 200 meter butterfly and the 800 meter freestyle relay. With a college degree in hand, he became a naval officer and joined the Navy Underwater Demolition/Seals. He was awarded for distinguished and heroic service in Vietnam. As a swim coach, Mike has developed many age group, junior, and senior champions. Over fifty of kids swimmers have been on national and international teams, including four swimmers that he coached to Olympic Championship. Mike has served as Chairman of the International Section of the Olympic Committee and Vice President of the American Swimming Coaches Association. Mike is currently the National Director of the USA Paralympic Swimming Team. He accompanied the team to Athens, Greece in September 2004 where the USA Paralympic team won numerous medals. He was recently named the 2004 National Teacher of the Year from the USSSA (United States Swim School Association)

Mike now wants to focus on teaching people of all ages and disabilities a sport that can save their lives...swimming. He feels that he has come full circle from learning to swim, swimming competitively himself, coaching others, and now back to where it all begins..learning to swim for life.