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440 acres
tel: 01275 332339
fax: 01257 331377
Mar 23 - Nov 30
Fish taken 2005
Average weight
2lb 2oz
Best fish
brown - 8lb 2oz
rainbow - 10lb 4oz
Rod returns
Av per rod

Blagdon Lake (440 acres)

Over 100 years of first class fishing

Are there many fly fishermen in the world who haven't heard of Blagdon? The name stirs emotions for thousands of anglers as the home of still water trout fishing. Not the first but certainly the most famous. Its history over the last century is well documented, but unlike many that live on their reputation, Blagdon goes from strength to strength.

Blagdon Lake covers 440 acres. The long, narrow shape makes it ideal for both boat and bank fishing. There are deep basins and long banks to drift over, plenty of points and promontories for access to deeper water as well as shallow, sheltered bays of quieter water. Most of the seven mile perimeter has easy bank access but to explore the more remote areas a boat is the answer - no noisy petrol engines - just peace, quiet and screaming reels!

The lake is relatively shallow, with an average depth of 14 feet and only 42 feet at its deepest point near the dam (west end of the lake). Travel along its narrow length to the east and you come to the shallowest end of the lake where the River Yeo enters. In between there are many superb fishing areas - Bells Bush, Pegs Point, Rainbow Point, Ash Trees, Rugmoor, Green Lawn, all waiting for you to cast your flies and tempt that waiting specimen. All methods work on the lake but many locals and experts stick to small flies and nymphs fished slowly on or near the surface. Early season and in the dying days of the year lures and sinking lines can be effective, but it is the patterns that imitate the naturals which command most attention.

On the south shore of the Lake below Blagdon village is the Fishing Lodge. This beautiful, timber framed building epitomizes the old world charm of Blagdon Lake. There is an office and small tackle shop on site selling all the essential flies and requirements of anglers fishing the lake. The Lodge is manned during the mornings by friendly, knowledgeable staff who are there to help you enjoy your day by giving up to the minute information on how the water is fishing. Enjoy a complimentary cup of tea or coffee before fishing or during a leisurely lunch. There is a fleet of 18 rowing boats for hire at Blagdon. Electric motors may be used but are not supplied by Bristol Water. Advance booking is advisable, especially at weekends. There is also a specially designed boat for wheelchair anglers. (This must be reserved in advance). Boats not sold in advance will be available on the morning from Blagdon Lodge. The office closes at mid morning after which any available boats will be sold from Woodford Lodge. (Freephone available at Blagdon Lodge).

Lifejackets must be worn by all boat anglers, and can be loaned on request. Anchoring is not permitted in the area marked between the dam and the yellow flag buoys.

Day and afternoon bank permits are available from Blagdon and Woodford Lodges. No fishing is allowed from the Dam, or in the streams at Butcombe and Top End. Care must be taken when wading from the shore as deep holes and ditches do occur around the lake.

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