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A practical, plain English guide to business blogging for the non-technical business owner - how to order your copy of this downloadable e-book 7 Step Business Blog and be quickly up and running.

Happy About LinkedIn for Recruiting
- a new roadmap for recruiters using LinkedIn for finding candidates and building business, co-authors Bill Vick and Des Walsh.
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 Des Walsh – professional profile

I'm a business coach and blogging evangelist. I'm based in the Gold Coast region of eastern Australia, an idyllic location with its miles of beaches and lush hinterland. Web technology and an international airport ten minutes away enable me to work globally and still get my swim in most days.

As a coach, I work with small business owners and professionals who want to create or re-capture a compelling vision for their businesses and communicate that vision effectively to their business partners, employees and the marketplace.

These business owners and professionals are typically hard-working people, generally between the ages of 35 and 55, who have become more than a bit overwhelmed or even dispirited by the relentless daily demands of keeping their business going. They are successful. They want to achieve more, or take their achievements to a higher level, without jeopardizing what they have already achieved. Or they are working towards that, probably looking at where they are and asking themselves 'is this all there is?' They are people who have a vision of a more exciting, more fulfilling future, or a sense that there has to be a better way of continuing to build a business they can enjoy.

My 3 Circle Success program is designed to create clarity, focus and sustained momentum. My coaching is mostly by phone and Skype/IM/email.

I'm also a blogging evangelist. Since discovering business-focused weblogs or ‘blogs’ (highly interactive, personal websites) early in 2003, I've seen blogging, with its powerful, accessible and low cost tools, as an ideal tool for small and micro businesses to get known globally and make more rapid progress.

My Thinking Home Business blog deals with blogging, social networking for business, and home based business issues.

My 7 Step Business Blog downloadable e-book is a practical, plain English guide to blogging, written for non-technical business owners. I am also a co-author of Happy About LinkedIn for Recruiting, a recently published roadmap for recruiters wanting to use more effectively the 4.8 million plus LinkedIn professional business network.

In previous career phases I have had my own communications consulting business for sixteen years. Before that I was a senior executive in Federal and State government departments and agencies over a fourteen year period, with a range of responsibilities from arts and cultural development to major event planning and management.

I have an Honours degree in History from the University of Sydney and a Train the Trainer Certificate from the University of Technology Sydney. I’m a founding member of the International Association of Coaches and a regular contributor to the Business Blog Consulting weblog.

I am happy to discuss, on a no-obligation basis, possibilities for coaching, consulting or business collaboration. You can email me at


Des Walsh
May 5, 2006

This blog is for sharing ideas with entrepreneurs and professionals who think globally and have chosen to work from home, whether temporarily or for the long haul - or are thinking about it. It's also and often about business blogging and social networking.

Publisher Des Walsh is a business coach and blogging evangelist - more here.

Email Des at

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