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Published Papers by Quentin Smith, Philosophy Professor, on 

The Philosophy of Religion and Naturalism

Papers are listed chronologically, starting with the most recent.

The Black Hole Origin Theory of the Universe and Quantum Gravity (2004)

Moral Realism and Infinite Spacetime Imply Moral Nihilism (2003)

Time Was Caused by a Timeless Point (2001)

The Metaphilosophy of Naturalism (2001)

Concerning the Metaphysical Necessity of the Universe Beginning Uncaused: A Reply to George Nakhnikian (2000)

Problems with John Earman's Attempt to Reconcile Theism with General Relativity (2000)

Why Stephen Hawking's Cosmology Precludes a Creator (1998)

Atheistic Versus Theistic Explanations of the Beginning of Spacetime

Swinburne’s Explanation of the Universe (1998)

Simplicity and Why the Universe Exists (1997)

Quantum Cosmology's Implication of Atheism (1997)

Causation and the Logical Impossibility of a Divine Cause (1996)

Two Ways to Prove Atheism (1996)

Internal and External Causal Explanations of the Universe (1995)

Can Everything Come to Be Without a Cause? (1994)

The Conceptualist Argument for God's Existence (1994)

Stephen Hawking's Cosmology and Theism (1994)

A Big Bang Cosmological Argument For God's Nonexistence (1992)

Anthropic Coincidences, Evil and the Disconfirmation of Theism (1992)

Atheism, Theism and Big Bang Cosmology (1991)

An Atheological Argument from Evil Natural Laws (1991)

A Natural Explanation of the Existence and Laws of Our Universe (1990)

A New Typology of Temporal and Atemporal Permanence (1989)

The Uncaused Beginning of the Universe (1988)

An Analysis of Holiness (1988)

Infinity and the Past (1987)

The Anthropic Principle and Many-Worlds Cosmologies (1985)