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National Animal Control Association Policy Statement

Promotion of Proper Pet Responsibility - Spaying/Neutering


Spaying/neutering education programs must be a vital part of any animal control agency's efforts to reduce animal overpopulation.



Animal overpopulation is considered the number one killer of animals.



NACA supports the concept of early (8-16 weeks) spay/neutering. All unaltered animals adopted or claimed from the shelter or animal control agency should be considered a candidate for spaying/neutering. Adoption policies regarding spaying/neutering should be developed and implemented, but owner reclaim of unaltered animals presents a unique challenge. All owners should be supplied with information regarding current birth rates and euthanasia rates for shelters nationwide. The benefits of the procedure should be fully explained to all owner of all breeds. Provide a list of qualified referral information for spay/neuter programs.


Altering may be encouraged by establishing higher license fees, impoundment charges, and running-at-large for intact animals.


Reviewed/Revised by the NACA Corporate Office - 09/17/02

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