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F-35 JSF graphicThe F-35A for the U.S. Air Force matches or exceeds F-16 performance levels and goes several steps beyond with stealth, increased range on internal fuel, and advanced avionics. Operational effectiveness, supportability, and survivability are greatly enhanced as a result.

  • Like the F-16, the F-35A has an internal gun and a refueling receptacle on top of the fuselage behind the canopy.
  • Unlike the U.S. Air Force F-16, the aircraft is stealthy, enabling first-look, first-shot capability. It also has an internal laser designator and infrared sensors.
  • Maneuverability characteristics are similar to those of the F-16, with comparable instantaneous and sustained 'High-G" performance.
  • The F-35A's range and payload are greatly improved as well.
  • The aircraft meets or exceeds all of the known service guidelines for flight performance.

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