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AMWA Honors Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton - 2/15/05

(February 15, 2005 - Alexandria, VA) At our 2005 Annual Meeting in January, AMWA was privileged to honor a number of outstanding women who carry on the tradition of excellence that has made AMWA the vision and voice of women in medicine for nine decades, among them Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, recipient of the President’s Vision & Voice Award. This award was given to Senator Clinton in honor of her bravery and relentlessness as a vocal advocate for the health of women and their families over many years, particularly for those who are most disproportionately disadvantaged in their access to care.


The award honors Senator Clinton for the vision to imagine a system of healthcare that would serve all Americans and reach out especially to include those who, by virtue of status or circumstance, lack access to adequate care and services.  She has communicated that vision with a tireless voice and ceaseless efforts to create the political will and mechanisms for the systemic changes necessary to accomplish access to quality care for all Americans.


Although Senator Clinton was unable to receive the award in person, she sent a video accepting the award, expressing her appreciation for the honor and congratulating AMWA on our 90th birthday year. She thanked AMWA for many years of hard work supporting women physicians and advocating for women’s health, adding: “For the past 90 years, AMWA has served as the vision and voice of women in medicine. You’ve provided support for female physicians since 1915, a time when women doctors were a rarity. And your work is even more important today, when half of the students enrolled in medical schools are women.”

To read the complete text of Senator Clinton's acceptance speech, see Clinton Transcript.