This bio is for all you lazy fuckers who donít wanna read my detailed bio! Haha! Itís ok I have decided to write this quick bio for those of you who wanna hurry up and do a quick read so you can leave and jerk off...haha! Ok then...letís get started shall we?

The day I was born on...wait....if youíre too lazy to read then Iím too lazy to write more details...haha! Iíll just give you a quick story on my claim to fame....or my claim to world domination! Hehe....

I had a tough life growing up...yadda yadda yadda....I was once a gangster, a convict that went to jail twice, and even worked at a strip club as a waitress when I was only 17 cuz I used a fake ID! So to make a long story short....after all the years of...well....being fucked up and fucked over I realized that the only thing I had left going for me in this cruel world were my dreams. My dreams were the only things keeping me sane and keeping me from just jumping off the top of a 50 foot building or just crashing myself into the highway walls to kill myself. There was this burning feeling inside the pit of my stomach and I knew what I had to do to make my dreams come true!

Right when things in my life just couldnít get any worse I said to myself, ďFuck this shit! Iím getting the fuck outta this shithole in Houston, Texas and moving to Hollywood, California!Ē I knew California was my calling. I knew I had to just do it. I figured....if I ever wanted to be somebody or make shit happen...nobody is going to do that for me but myself. So thatís what I did. Itís a good thing I did because everything was starting to go into play for me. I started posing for Playboy when I was 19 years old because I was discovered by one of their scouts. I felt honored because one day I got another call from the people at Playboy who wanted to congratulate me for being the very first Asian EVER to win the title ďPlayboyís Cyber Girl of the Month!Ē I was thrilled! Itís always cool to know that youíre the first to do something...because then....if anyone ever wonders years and years down the road....they will know that I was the first!

Moving along I knew I was more than just a Playboy model....or even just a model. I just have too much to say and way too much personality to just sit there and look pretty. I felt the need to have people know who I truly am inside...I felt the need for the world to have a REAL role model...not some made-up corporate package bullshit. I just wanted to start off modeling because I knew I had the right look and it will get my foot in the door. I knew that I could get stuff rolling and plus it was a great way to make some money....but little did everyone know at that time my true dream was to become a musician, a performer, an artist. But I kept that quiet for a while because I just didnít want everyone to know what my plans the meanwhile, I was featured in tons of magazine covers, tons of other printwork, and T.V. shows on MTV, VH1 and the Playboy Channel.

Youíd think after becoming so successful at only 19 years old that I was already set and happy with my life, correct? NOPE! I had BIGGER dreams then that! I just canít describe it. It just burns inside me all the time. So I knew it was time for me to set aside some time off from modeling to start up my true dream of a music career. Iíve ALWAYS loved dancing, writing poetry, and singing since forever. That was my only escape from my hard life. Daydreaming was my favorite hobby of all, but now I was tired of daydreaming...itís time to make these dreams come true! COME ON TILA...YOU CAN DO IT! Haha!

So one day when I was 20 years old I went out and bought myself and electric guitar. I didnít know shit about playing music at the time but I was more than willing to learn! I wanted very badly to start my own rock band. The thing that made it so hard for me was trying to convince other band members that Iím more than just a goddamn model!!! I hated the way they judged me because I was so called ďHOT.Ē I remember nobody wanted to be in my band because they wrote me off the minute they met me just because I was too hot to be in a rock band! So was very hard for a female, on top of that a female that posed for Playboy to start a rock band and at the same time have it believable and not a joke.

Still I never gave up...and finally one day I finally had my own band with 3 other guys. I was so happy just to be able to start writing songs and rehearsing and rocking out with a real band. I decided to name our band, Beyond Betty Jean. After a while we started playing tons of shows. It was one of the BEST feelings in the whole entire world up there onstage rocking the fuck out and not giving a fuck what you look like! It felt great when there was 5 people or even 500 people there watching me perform with my band. Just the feeling of pure, live, raw, and rugged rock energy pushing behind you is just undescribable! I knew this was my home.

After a while I had to leave Beyond Betty Jean because I just had bigger dreams then what those guys were going for. I mean...REALLY BIG DREAMS! So we all parted ways but I wasnít going to stop there. So with all the songwriting experience and live shows with Beyond Betty Jean it gave me a lot more confidence on my own. So I started going into the studio and spending all my time there writing songs and experimenting with my vocals. I have had the honor to work with some awesome producers and have met some really amazing people along the way....Although Iím not totally where I would like to be YET...I am still extremely happy that I am still living out all my dreams because I know I will get more and more things happening for me in the future. How do I know this? Because my future is what I make of it and so far...Iíve gotten everything Iíve ever wanted. I just takes a LOT of blood, sweat, and tears to get them but in the end it makes it all worthwhile and I am beyond happy that I get to share my life story with all of you! I hope that it is inspiring for all you people out there and to go ahead and make all your dreams come true! Itís there waiting for just have to find a way to go get it! And with that said.....ROCK THE FUCK ON!

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