P&G announces Pampers now a bigger disposable

By Patrick Larkin, Post staff reporter

Pampers are getting bigger.

The disposable diaper from Procter & Gamble Co. is now available in size 6 for boys and girls 35 pounds and above.

The large size comes as a study by the American Academy of Pediatrics shows a decline in the age at which children are potty trained compared to the 1960s.

The study shows that only 22 percent of children are potty trained by age 2 1/2 in 1997, compared to 90 percent in 1961.

The size 6 diaper, introduced late last month, is promoted in an advertising campaign featuring Dr. T. Barry Brazelton, the noted pediatrician who urges parents to allow children to toilet train at their own pace.

Dr. Brazelton has taken a ''no stress, go slow'' approach to toilet training for about 30 years and recommended a larger size diaper be introduced, P&G said. Consumer research also showed a need for the larger size, the company said.

Dr. Brazelton is also chairman of the Pampers Parenting Institute, founded in 1996 with a grant from P&G. The new size 6 diaper comes only in the Pampers line, not in Luvs, P&G's other line of disposable diapers.

P&G's archrival in the battle for share in the $3.6-billion annual U.S. market for disposable diapers, Kimberly-Clark, recently introduced an extra-large size of its Pull-Ups training pants and GoodNites disposable underpants from children from 85 pounds to 125 pounds.

Publication date: 07-22-98

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