A LIST Apart: For People Who Make Websites

No. 215

April 18, 2006

Here in New York, the crabapples are blossoming and so are the cold virii. We love spring and we love you, so you get a triple issue. Mwah.

A More Accessible Map

Nifty web maps powered by Google and Yahoo! APIs are all the rage. And rage is what a visually impaired user may feel when trying to use them. Is there a way to make beautiful web maps accessible? In a word, yes.

Community Creators, Secure Your Code!

Don’t be like MySpace. Protect your community site from malicious cross-site scripting attacks. Part one of a two-part series.

Everyware: Always Crashing in the Same Car

Ubiquitous computing is coming—in some ways, it’s already here. Shouldn’t we think about what we want it to be? In our last issue, we published the introduction of Adam Greenfield’s Everyware. In this issue, we’re running the book’s conclusion.

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Editor’s Choice

originally ran: January 11, 2005

Big, Stark & Chunky

You’ve designed for the screen and made provision for blind, handheld, and PDA browser users. But what about low-vision people? Powered by CSS, “zoom” layouts convert wide, multicolumn web pages into low-vision-friendly, single column designs. Accessibility maven Joe Clark explores the rationale and methods behind zoom layouts. Board the zoom train now!