Distinguished Alumni of Delta Upsilon

Politics and Government

Stephen J. Field, Williams 1837, US Supreme Court Justice
James Abram Garfield, Williams 1856,
the second fraternity man to become President of the United States
Justin L. Morrill, Middlebury 1860,
United States Senator - Vermont; author of the land grant college act
W.H.H. Miller, Hamilton 1861,
Attorney General of the United States
Daniel S. Lamont, Union 1872,
Secretary of War
George W. Goethals, Manhattan 1877,
US Army General, chief engineer during the building of the Panama Canal
Otto M. Eidlitz, Cornell 1881,
contractor and civic investigator
Charles Evans Hughes, Colgate and Brown 1881,
Governor of New York, Secretary of State, and Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court
Charles G. Dawes, Marietta 1884,
Vice President of the United States and Ambassador to Great Britain; winner of the Nobel Prize for peace
Arthur M. Hyde, Michigan 1899,
US Secretary of Agriculture
William B. Greeley, Stanford and California '01,
chief forester, US Forest Service
Arthur H. Vandenberg, Michigan '04,
United States Senator, Michigan
J. Arthur Clark, Toronto '06,
President of the Canadian Bar Association
Robert H. Lord, Harvard and Northwestern '06,
adviser to the 1918 Versailles Peace Conference
Amos J. Peaslee, Swarthmore '07,
United States Ambassador to Australia
W. W. Randolph Burgess, Brown '12,
United States Ambassador to NATO
Joseph P. Kennedy, Harvard '12,
Ambassador to Great Britain, father of two Senators and a President
James B. Conlan, Harvard '13,
Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany
Paul H. Douglas, Bowdoin '13,
Senator - Illinois
Sumner T. Pike, Bowdoin '13,
President of the Atomic Energy Commission
John L. Keddy, Hamilton '15,
Curator of the Smithsonian Institute
Matthew W. Hill, Washington '17,
Chief Justice, Washington State Supreme Court
Kenneth B. Keating, Rochester '19,
United States Senator, New York; Ambassador to India; Ambassador to Israel; Brigadier General, United States Army
Lester B. Pearson, Toronto '19,
Prime Minister of Canada and President of the United Nations General Assembly; Nobel Prize winner for Peace
David E. Lilienthal, DePauw '20,
President of the Atomic Energy Commission
Herbert Brownell, Nebraska '24,
US Attorney General
Clifford P. Case, Rutgers '25,
Senator - New Jersey
Francis H. Russell, Tufts '26,
United States Ambassador to Indonesia
General David M. Shoup, DePauw '26,
Commandant, US Marine Corps and Congressional Medal of Honor winner
John M. Matthias, Ohio State '28,
Justice, Ohio Supreme Court
Frank R. Kenison, Dartmouth '29,
Chief Justice, New Hampshire Supreme Court
Winston L. Prouty, Lafayette '30,
Senator - Vermont
Foy D. Kohler, Ohio State '31,
ambassador to the USSR
William H. Avery, Kansas '34,
Governor, State of Kansas
Robert T. Stafford, Middlebury '35, US Congressman and Senator, Vermont
Hugh E. Rodham, Pennsylvania State '35, Father of First Lady Hillary Rodham-Clinton
Joseph L. Fisher, Technology '35,
US Congressman, Virginia
George R. Hunter, Manitoba '37,
Member of Parliament
William C. O'Neill, Marietta and Ohio State '38,
Governor, State of Ohio
John P. Robarts, Western Ontario '39,
Premier, Province of Ontario, Canada
F. Ray Keyser, Jr., Tufts '50,
Governor, State of Vermont
Dr. G. William Whitehurst, Washington and Lee '50,
US Congressman from Virginia
William H. Brown, Jr., Swarthmore '51,
Parliamentarian, United States House of Representatives
John B. Conlan, Northwestern '51,
US Congressman, Arizona
Alan J. Dixon, Illinois '51,
Senator - Illinois
E. Peter Lougheed, Alberta '52,
Premier, Province of Alberta, Canada
Robert Hanrahan, Bowling Green '56,
US Congressman, Illinois
Ronald A. Irwin, Western Ontario '57,
Minister of Indian Affairs
Thomas E. Morgan, Lafayette '58,
US Congressman, Pennsylvania
John S. Herrington, Stanford '61,
US Energy Secretary
N. Lloyd Axworthy, Manitoba '63,
Member of Parliament, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Michael D. Barnes, North Carolina '65,
US Congressman, Maryland
Angus S. King, Jr., Dartmouth '66,
Governor of the State of Maine
Anthony J. Moffat, Jr., Syracuse '66,
US Congressman, Connecticut
Paul R. Ford, Middlebury '67,
director of Amnesty International
Les Aspin, Jr., Marquette '70,
Congressman from Wisconsin and former Secretary of Defense
Thomas J. Vilsack, Hamilton '72, Governor of the State of Iowa
Dennis R. Rehberg, Washington State '77, US Congressman, Montana


John Wesley Coombs, Colby '06, World Series pitcher with the Philidelphia A's
Ralph N. Good, Colby '10,
Major League Baseball player, Boston Nationals
Billy Foulds, Toronto '11,
Canadian Football League - Quarterback, Coach, Hall of Fame
Frank S. McGill, McGill '15,
member, Canadian Football Hall of Fame
Kenneth L. "Tug" Wilson, Illinois '20,
chairman US Olympic Committee
Justin "Sam" Barry, Iowa '26, founder New York Knicks, NBA Hall of Fame coach
Edward S. "Ned" Irish, Pennsylvania '28,
NBA Hall of Famer
Don A. Veller, Indiana '35,
former head football and golf coach at Florida State University
Andrew Currie, Manitoba '35,
professional football player - Regina Roughriders, Canadian Football League Hall of Famer
Leland S. MacPhail, Swarthmore '39,
President, National League Baseball and GM of the New York Yankees
Hugh Gallarneau, Stanford '41,
football player - Chicago Bears
Dr. J. Robert Cade, Florida '45,
inventor of Gatorade
Frank R. Burns, Rutgers '49,
head football coach, Rutgers University
Darrell K. Royal, Oklahoma '50,
head football coach, University of Texas
Harvey Kuenn, Jr., Wisconsin '54,
baseball player and manager
Michael K. White, California '57,
NFL Coach
Louis L. Holtz, Kent State '58,
head football coach, University of South Carolina
Peter V. Ueberroth, San Jose '59,
organizer of the 1984 Summer Olympics and Commissioner of Major League Baseball
Theodore R. Boehm, Brown '60,
chairman, '87 Pan Am Games organizing committee
Neil R. Austrian, Swarthmore '60,
former president and COO of the NFL
Fred Arbanas, Michigan State '61,
football player - Dallas Texans (AFL) and Kansas City Chiefs
Galen S. Hall, Penn State '62,
head football coach, University of Florida
Paul Flatley, Northwestern '63,
football player - Minnesota Vikings
Peter Gogolak, Cornell '64,
football player - New York Giants
Clark E. Graebner, Northwestern '65,
professional tennis player
James D. Rodgers, Iowa '65,
head coach - Boston Celtics
James A. Boeheim, Jr., Syracuse '66,
head coach, Syracuse basketball
Rick J. Venturi, Northwestern '68,
NFL coach
Bruce N. Coslet, Pacific '68,
NFL coach
Thurman Munson, Kent State '69,
professional baseball player, New York Yankees
Ed Molstad, Alberta '70,
football player, Edmonton (CFL)
John J. Ebersole, Penn State '70,
football player, New York Jets
James H. Sundberg, Iowa '73,
professional baseball player, Texas Rangers
Richard W. "Rick" Sund, Northwestern '73,
NBA executive
Randolph C. Gradishar, Ohio State '74,
professional football player, Denver Broncos
Mark VanEeghen, Colgate '74,
professional football player, Oakland Raiders
Randell Gregg, Jr., Alberta '75,
NHL defenseman on four Stanley Cup Champions
Paul K. Mokeski, Kansas '79,
NBA center
Craig K. Bolerjack, Kansas State '80,
CBS sportscaster
Dino Mangiero, Rutgers '80,
football player - Kansas City Chiefs, Seattle Seahawks, New England Patriots
Thomas W. Darling, Syracuse '81,
silver medal in crew, '84 Olympics and crew member, Stars and Stripes, winner of the America's Cup
Ken Margerum, Stanford '81,
NFL Receiver
Chad G. Little, Washington State '85,
Tom Burgess, Colgate '86, football player - Ottowa, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg (CFL)
James A. Les, Bradley '86,
professional basketball player
Mark Whitycombe, Fresno '88, football player - New York Giants, New York Jets, Pittsburgh Steelers, Cincinnati Bengals


David Starr Jordan, Cornell 1872, first President of Stanford University
William H. P. Faunce, Brown 1880,
President of Brown University
Fenton W. Booth, DePauw 1892,
Dean of Harvard Law
Harry Emerson Fosdick, Colgate '00,
theologian, author, educator
James B. Conant, Harvard '14,
President of Harvard
Homer W. Davis, Hamilton '16,
President of Athens College, Athens, Greece
John C. Warner, Indiana '19,
President, Carnegie Institute of Tehnology
Dr. Phillip R. Shriver, Kent State '49,
President Emeritus, Miami University
Dr. Gordon P. Eaton, Wesleyan '51,
President, Iowa State University
Dr. Richard A. Kenyon, Clarkson '54,
President, Tri-State University
Stanley O. Ikenberry, Illinois '56,
Chancellor and President, University of Illinois System
Dr. James B. Holderman, Denison '58,
President, University of South Carolina
Dr. Paul J. Olscamp, Western Ontario '58,
President of Bowling Green State University
Dr. John E. Brown, Kansas '61,
President of Coe College
Dr. William H. Mobley, Denison '63,
President, Texas A&M University
William R. Brody, Technology '65,
President, Johns Hopkins University
Bro. Dr. Craig J. Franz, FSC, Bucknell '75,
President, St. Mary's College of California
Dr. Will S. Keim, Pacific '75,
noted motivational speaker and author
Melvin A. Eggers, Syracuse '76,
Chancellor of Syracuse University
Dr. Richard N. Cyert, Carnegie '86,
President of Carnegie-Mellon University
Selamawi Asgedom, Harvard '99, noted motivational speaker and author
David C. Broski, Bradley '01, President of Bradley University
David Frohnmayer, Oregon '01, President of the University of Oregon


Harry Carey, New York '02, early western movie actor
Edgar J. Bergen, Northwestern '27,
ventriloquist and entertainer
George A. "Banana George" Blair, Miami '37,
champion barefoot water-skier, businessman, entertainer
Anthony H. Sargent, Washington and Lee '55,
News correspondent, CBS News
Noel P. Stookey, Michigan State '55,
folk singer and composer, "Paul" of Peter, Paul and Mary
Ronald H. Husmann, Northwestern '59,
Broadway and screen actor and producer
Richard D. Threlkeld, Ripon '60,
ABC news correspondent
John H. Davidson, Denison '63,
actor, singer and comedian
Alan Thicke, Western Ontario '67,
actor and songwriter
Stephen R. Walker, Iowa State '84,
host of "The Pet Department" - FOX TV
Jonathan M. Frankel, Syracuse '86,
news correspondent - NBC
Jonathan Buss, Bradley '94, Emmy Award Winning Director for an HBO Short Film

Literature and Publishing

William Bross, Williams 1838, Editor - Chicago Tribune
Rossiter Johnson, Rochester 1863,
historian and novelist
Rupert Hughes, Western Reserve 1892,
historian and novelist
Stephen Crane, Lafayette and Syracuse 1894,
journalist and author; Red Badge of Courage
Joyce Kilmer, Rutgers '09,
poet and battlefield reporter
Leland Stowe, Wesleyan '21,
columnist and 1930 Pulitzer Prize winner
Hedley W. Donovan, Minnesota '34,
Editor-in chief of TIME Magazine
Drew Middleton, Syracuse '34,
Syndicated columnist and London correspondent, The New York Times
Robert Letts Jones, Stanford '35,
President of Copley Newspapers
Austin H. Kiplinger, Cornell '38,
publisher of the Kiplinger Letter
Dwight E. Sargent, Colby '39,
Editorialist and Editor, New York Herald Tribune
Heywood Hale Broun, Swarthmore '40,
Editorialist and author
Donal Dinwiddle, Virginia '40,
Editor-in-chief, Popular Mechanics Publishing Company
Buert R. Servaas, Indiana '41,
President, The Saturday Evening Post
Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., Cornell '44,
editorialist and author
Richard F. McLoughlin, DePauw '50,
President of Reader's Digest
Donald Axinn, Middlebury '51,
poet and author
Robert S. Phillips, Syracuse '60,
poet and author
Lynn D. W. Luckow, North Dakota '71,
President & CEO of Jossey-Bass Publishers
Richard A. Moran, Rutgers '72,
Joseph P. Turton, Denison '94,
author - My Freshman Manual


Alexander D. Noyes, Amherst 1883, financial editor of the New York Times
Alfred J.P. Sloan, Jr., Technology 1895,
chairman of the board - General Motors
Wallace T. Holliday, Western Reserve '05,
President of Standard Oil of Ohio
William A. Mather, McGill '08,
President of Canadian Pacific Railroad
Clarence Francis, Amherst '10,
President of General Foods
Albert W. Hughes, Colgate '11,
President of J.C. Penny
Thomas B. McCabe, Swarthmore '15,
President of Scott Paper and chairman of the Federal Reserve Board
Winthorp H. Smith, Amherst '16, co-founder of Merrill, Lynch, Pierce, Fenner, and Smith
David Burpee, Cornell '17,
President of Burpee Seed Company
Morse G. Dial, Cornell '19,
chairman of Union Carbide
Edward P. Taylor, McGill '22,
chairman of Canadian Breweries and President of the Argus Corp.
William E. Robinson, New York '23,
chairman of Coca-Cola Company
James S. Schoff, Rochester '23,
chairman of Bloomingdale's Department Stores
Nelson Schaenan, Sr., Cornell '23,
chairman of Smith Barney & Company
Arnold Bernhard, Williams '25,
founder of the investment news organization ValueLine
Charles F. White, Bucknell '25,
President of M&M Candy Company
Leslie M. Cassidy, Pennsylvania '26,
chairman and CEO of Johns-Manville
Earl B. Hathaway, Northwestern '27,
President of Firestone Tire and Rubber Company
Trevor F. Moore, Toronto '28, Vice President -
Imperial Oil of Canada
James S. McDonnell, Technology '29,
chairman of McDonnell-Douglas
Arthur V. Danner, Indiana '30,
President of Mobil Petroleum Company
Leonard E. Root, Pacific '32,
President of Lockheed Missles and Space Co.
Edward W. Carter, UCLA '32,
chairman emeritus, Carter, Hawley, Hale (Nieman-Marcus, WaldenBooks)
Dwane L. Wallace, Wichita '33,
chairman of Cessna Aircraft Co.
Semon E. Knudsen, Technology '36,
President of Ford Motor Company
David M. Chenoweth, McGill '38,
director and executive vice president of Molson Brewries, Ltd.
Edward G. Harness, Marietta '40,
CEO of Proctor & Gamble
Walter A. Fallon, Union '40,
President and CEO of Eastman Kodak
Forwood C. Wiser, Jr., Northern Illinois '42,
President of Trans World Airlines
Charles L. Brown, Virginia '43,
chairman AT&T
L. Gordon McGovern, Brown '48,
chairman of Campbell Soup
Charles D. Miller, Johns Hopkins '49,
CEO of Avery Dennison
John W. Amerman, Dartmouth '53,
chairman and CEO of Mattel International
Richard P. Simmions, Technology '53,
chairman of Allegheny Ludlum Steel
William M. Crossin, Toronto '55, President,
Merle Norman Cosmetics
John P. Morgridge, Wisconsin '55,
President and CEO of Cisco Systems, Inc.
John W. Rogers, Miami '57,
chairman and CEO of United Parcel Service
Lawrence D. Downing, Iowa State '58,
President of the Sierra Club
Neil Austrian, Swarthmore '61,
Chairman of iWon.co
Gerald T. Aaron, Wichita '63,
President of Pizza Hut
Michael D. Eisner, Denison '64,
chairman and CEO of Walt Disney, Inc.
Steve Rowley, Ohio '65, President of DAY-TIMERS, Inc.
Michael R. Hallman, Michigan '67, past President and Chief Operating Officer of Microsoft, past President & CIO of Boeing Computer Services, past Vice President of Field Operations for IBM. Brother Hallman currently serves on the boards of directors of Intuit, InFocus Corporation, Network Appliance Corporation, and two wholly owned subsidiaries of Fujitsu Ltd.
Thomas Stallkamp, Miami '68, President of DaimlerChrysler Corporation
John J. Bello, Tufts '68, Founder of SOBE Beverage Company
John H. Eyler, Jr., Washington '69, President and CEO of FAO Schwartz
Miles G. Bryant, III, Arlington '70, President and General Director of Chrysler of Mexico
Douglas Lebda, Bucknell '92, Founder and CEO of LendingTree.com
W. Marshall Sims, DePauw '00, President and Founder of Priority Flowers.com

Science and Technology

Charles F. Kettering, Ohio State '04, founder of the Sloan-Kettering Institute for cancer research
Laurens Hammond, Cornell '16,
inventor of the pipeless organ
Arnold O. Beckman, Illinois '22,
inventor of the pH meter and founder of Beckman Instruments
Linus C. Pauling, Oregon State '22,
winner of two Nobel Prizes ; chemistry and peace
Dr. Christian Boehmer Anfinsen, Jr., Swarthmore '37,
Nobel Prize winner for chemistry
Dr. Augustus A. White, III, Brown '57,
Chief Surgeon of Orthopedics at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston
Col. Frederick R. Hauck, Tufts '62,
NASA astronaut
Brewster H. Shaw, Wisconsin '67,
NASA astronaut
Terry Hart, Lehigh '68,
NASA astronaut

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