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Release Date: Never; this project has been permanently shelved

Release Date Note: (11/3/02) Artisan's tentative target was originally 2002, but they're also trying to "take more time" with this one, so it could be years (or... never). It's also possible this may go direct-to-video.

Title Note: This movie may not be called Blair Witch 3, because as a "prequel", it's not really the "third story", even though it's the third to be released. If they do drop the 3, I'd expect it to be something like Blair Witch: The Beginning, or maybe just The Blair Witch.

Distributor: Artisan Entertainment

Production Company: Haxan Entertainment (Heart of Love, The Blair Witch Project)

Cast: None announced yet.

Directors in Talks: Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez (The Blair Witch Project; they've also got Heart of Love in development)

Based Upon: This movie is a prequel to The Blair Witch Project and that film's sequel, Blair Witch 2: The Book of Shadows.

Premise: This movie will address the legend(s) behind the series, such as the original Blair witch, and (possibly) the 1940's serial killer of children mentioned in the first film. (Note: What's unclear is whether this prequel will deal with both legends, or just the original 17th century witch)

Filming: There's been no word as to when this prequel will be filmed, but it will be after Haxan finishes Heart of Love. (9/23/00) Variety reported last week (9/13/00) that Myrick will be moving on to a project called Salvage after Heart of Love, which seems to push this film back even farther.

Genre: Historical, Horror, Teen

Status: Shelved

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11/15/03 - In a "whatever happened to" article in "Variety" last week about Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez, the trade reported that the two are no longer working together on projects as a team, and they are "aren't interested in revisiting the 'Blair Witch' phenomenon." That pretty much puts the nail in the coffin on this project. Consider it dead.

1/05/02 - A recent story in The Hollywood Reporter confirms that this is still in development at Artisan Entertainment.

8/24/01 - Confirming that this project is still in development, IGN FilmForce also adds that there is "speculation" that this and any other future films in the Blair Witch franchise will probably go direct-to-video, or possibly premiere on cable.

1/18/01 - Artisan exec Amir Malin was quoted by AP this week as saying that this prequel is still in the works, possibly for 2002. Admitting the second film was flawed, they hope to "take more time" with this third project.

12/31/00 - With Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 performing way under Artisan's expectations, this project may be being reconsidered...?

9/23/00 - It appears this film is being pushed back farther, as Variety reported on 9/13 that Myrick has signed on for another film, Salvage, to be his next after Heart of Love. Could it be that Artisan is just figuring they should see how Book of Shadows does before they rush into a third? Or maybe it's more a matter of Sanchez and Myrick wanting to stretch their wings a bit before going back to Blair?

6/09/00 - USA Today ran a story today that's mostly about marketing tie-ins for the second movie, but it does mention things about this film, including the possibility that the release has been moved to the fall of 2001.

5/22/00 - There's not much for me to say about this third film in the series yet, but with the second film in production, and the summer of 2001 only a year away, it seems likely that Haxan is going to be getting ready for this third film soon... and so it gets a page. Stay tuned.

Page Created: 5/22/00

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