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Educated Horses

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For all of Rob Zombie's crazy-eyed growling and lyrics about death, destruction and scary monsters, there's something likable and matter-of-fact about his scuzz rock. Zombie's fourth album, Educated Horses, is another pop-wise collection of trashy guitars, sleek electronics and warped glam melodies, with Zombie casting an evil eye on a scorched landscape while winking with the other. Barnburners like "Foxy Foxy" are full of nimble grooves and meaty riffs, and despite their titles songs such as "Death of It All" and "The Scorpion Sleeps" sound as much like bouncy arena rock as they do death metal. A handful of cuts are too long on sludgy instrumental grooves, but whether Zombie is out-Trent Reznoring Trent Reznor on the sitar-laden grindfest "17 Year Locust" or spitting fire amid the apocalyptic blues riffs of "The Devil's Rejects," he sounds like a gifted schlockmeister that Strokes fans can enjoy. Or at least tolerate.


(Posted: Apr, 5 2006)


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smokdevil writes:

5of 5 Stars

You Have to buy this CD!!! The more you listen to it the more you enjoy the many awesome tracks this cd offers. Educated Horses takes you on a rollercoaster of diffrent beats and sounds and aims to please. Sample songs do not do the full length versions justice. Try Listening to American Witch And join the growing Zombie Nation

May, 9 2006 01:35:14

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