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Friday, 13 January 2006
Oracle XE and Compiere nightmare
Oracle has a beta version of it's Express edition available.
They promise it will be free for up to 4GB of user data, 1G memory and 1 CPU.
This offer is somewhat similar to Sybase Express that has almost the same features.
For small enterprises this might just be enough for running Compiere so I gave it a try.
Compiere Libero (PostgreSQL based version) seems to lag many versions behind main
compiere and my previous attempts with Sybase Express failed miserably because of one
"little" oversight from Compiere behalf:
The Sybase format database dump is nowhere to be found. That's right, it's not in CVS where the documentation
says it should be or anywhere near it and of course not in the main tarballs as well.
*sigh* Why can't You Compiere guys just set up a documentation Wiki if You can't write accurate documentation
yourself. I finally found the from the files section in sourceforge, but it seemed to be for an ages old version of
Compiere (2.5.2a) so I decided not to push my luck.

Anyway here we go Oracle XE.

* Debian 3.1 system
* Compiere_253a.tar.gz
* oracle-xe-

RPM package, mm nice, but I'm using debian.
Ok, alien to the rescue.
Great, but the RPM had some scripts in it that didn't run *sigh*.

Let's extract them.
rpm -q --scripts -p oracle*.rpm > scripts.txt
Good, I extracted 4 scripts from that text file.
Preinst script checked some system parameters and modified my systcl.conf file.
Well it was SUPPOSED to do that. Instead it just died:

expr: syntax error line 21: [: -lt: unary operator expected

Debugging it a bit I quickly got to the cause:
my system uses LVM so when I do df -k it shows:
Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
                        511980     94100    417880  19% /
                       5242716   1750916   3491800  34% /usr
As You can see the long lines are split which naturally confuses the oracle preinstall script trying to
parse the output. Adding -P argument to every df in this script helped.
I can assure You that the script will run into the very same error on redhat too.

Ok second time in a row the scipts worked fine.
But with a twist again. I didn't have libaio installed and the init script deleted the seed database so there was no way to
recover from this error but to reinstall the package.
It took me over 3 hours to debug it because of Oracle-s "helpful" error messages telling me cryptic things like:
Unable to find control file
And all logs with error messages spread out into 4 different directories.

I fixed the init script to play nice with debian, You can find the patch here:

Ok, now to the wonders of Compiere.
Untar, sh
Enter passwords and compiere database name as compiere.

ORA-12514, TNS:listener does not currently know of service requested in connect descriptor

Another "helpful" error.
Great, I must create database I presume.
But HOW!!!
The great oracle web based administration interface (htmldb) does not come with anything that
even resembles a database creation tool.
Running create database (I know that create statement is incomplete, but the complete one will get exactly the same error)
from SQL manually just gives another one of Oracle-s "helpful" error messages:

SQL> create database compiere;
create database compiere
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-01100: database already mounted

Now WHAT THE F* is this supposed to mean?

Googling around finally gave me an answer:

You can only create a database in Oracle-express if the allready existing XE database has been shutdown. It is not possible to run two databases at once though. This is a documented limitation of Oracle-XE. If you need to run more then one database, please install standard or enterprise.

Great! Only one database for XE eh? Oh my. Why do I get the feeling that Sybase Express is a much better product *sigh*.
Ok, now I have to disable the demo database and create my own, MANUALLY. There are even comperhensive guides how to
create an oracle database in the web like this one:
BUT! Do I really want to go through all that trouble?
NO! Since Oracle 10e XE can't use more than one database anyway, the only thing I get from messing around with
database names is the warm fuzzy feeling that my database name is compiere and nothing else.
So I just dropped the demo user called HR (ticked cascade of-course) and changed the database name in compiere setup to XE.

Hit Save.
Run utils/

IMP-00017: following statement failed with ORACLE error 6550:
  "0, 3, 130, 0); END;"
  IMP-00003: ORACLE error 6550 encountered
  ORA-06550: line 1, column 22:
  PLS-00201: identifier 'DBMS_JAVA.START_IMPORT' must be declared
  ORA-06550: line 1, column 11:
  PL/SQL: Statement ignored

Hmm, I guess it must be one of those "warnings" Compiere documentation says are OK.

  Create SQLJ
  oracle/ line 36: .//opt/Compiere2/utils/oracle/ No such file or directory

Now that definately IS NOT A WARNING.
And as expected the database health check scripts fail miserably after that.
Great. Edit the file oracle/, go to line 36 and delete ./ from the beginning of the line.


Create SQLJ
Load Oracle SQLJ ...
/opt/Compiere2/utils/oracle/ line 11: loadjava: command not found

There is no loadjava command in oracle XE *cry*
According to:

Oracle XE doesn't come with built-in Java or any of the Oracle-java companents or features.

So much for "free" oracle and Compiere.
I took me at least 6 hours to figure out all the nasty little details of oracle XE and no result in the end :(
No I'm mad! I have to give it another try on Sybase then.


Tuesday, 29 November 2005
Mandatory blog entry
Another one bites the dust

Wednesday, 28 September 2005
Mandatory blog entry
Another mandatory blog entry. Gosh! I gotta move my blog soon, this is really pissing me off.

Pre-historic menaces

I hate mornings. The morning is the worst part of the day. Today we had to be ready, willing and at least
almost able at 9:30. That's a bit too early for me. If it wasn't for the caves I had of skipped the whole
affair: I've seen tons of medieval castles in my life and since I'm not very much into architecture and
even less into art (I couldn't differentiate Mona Lisa from St. Maria), all castles look the same to me.
Well, I had no choice though because Marduk came in reporting that Luke is looking for a driver who's
sober enough to get his car from the tennis club. So I had to drive his Skoda again. Well, this time it
didn't seem that small any more, maybe I'm getting used to it *gig*.

The castle was up in the mountains (I'm sure Austrians now insist that I change that to hills), looked
nice and neat, had tons of paintings and old furniture in it etc. It was a regular castle, albeit it
was restored to a very nice condition. When we entered the biggest room in the castle, we were greeted
by a small band of two flutes and a singer. Diam and Marduk started to dance right away and made one
of the flute player laugh so she messed up her line *gig*. Also the guide system in CZ seems to be
rather interesting: they only speak very little English and have the text printed on the paper, they
pass the paper to someone from the group for reading out loud. Geez! I think a guide who has perfect
English can get a real good job in CZ. She was good looking though so I don't complain. I think we
were the funniest group they had for that day since the guide seemed quite amused and the actors that
were performing a fight in inner garden had a bunch of laugh because of us too. Poor souls, they had
to perform the same stunt over and over again in every 10 minutes. The tour lasted about an hour.
After that we drove back down a bit to the caves. The road to caves entered a real deep forest that
looked like Mirkwood. I was in constant alert to be not hit by roots, vines or dark oaks.

The caves are ones the biggest of their type in Europe, so I've heard, and were very nicely decorated
with all kinds of lighting fixtures and had a nice walkway created especially for tourists. It is said
they were discovered by local lumberjacks, but even before them one of the upper caves was used as a
meeting point for forbidden religious groups during the dark ages. It was really cool in the caves and
I liked it. The caves were wet as it's typical for this kind of caves (it used to be an underground
riverbed) and had lots of stalagmites and other such stuff. Too bad we didn't see any cave trolls or
other such beasts, but I can swear I heard some irky splashes from the abyss and faint roars from the
unexplored tunnels. We had lunch just next to the caves so we had to watch out not to become a lunch
for those menaces that were lurking in the caves and in the Mirkwood.

Back to the hostel, then to swim again. The day was really hot. People were jumping from the cliffs to
the water like mad so I got some good pictures.
Back to hostel again via a supermarket and it was
dinner time. I decided to skip dinner, do some blogging and delete some unneeded photos, but after
a while I got so tired that I fell into sleep so I don't know anything about the evening.

Cyber @ 28.07.2005 12:00

The day off

Today we were supposed to go on a tour in local beer factory, however Luke was so worn out that we
insisted the he'll cancel the tour and get some sleep. Thus it was a day off. We went to shopping with
Ares and Marduk to get some sandals. I have No. 48 feet so it was not an easy task. Finally we ended up
in a big shoe shop called "Bata" that carried a pair of sandals that could fit, however those looked so
horrible that I didn't have a courage to buy them. I got a pair of new walking shoes instead. Back in the
hostel I pulled out my knife and made a pair of sandals out of my old shoes. Everybody thinks I'm crazy
now and they are not mistaken *gig*. We'll see how they hold up.

The dinner was held in some local tennis club. The only thing they had in the menu was hamburgers so
I'm glad we went to Chinese Bistro with Välgumihkel before. I personally didn't like the place, but
others seemed to be fine with it. So we drove around in the city with Välgumihkel a bit and then
returned to the hostel.

The Canadians said they have the last day they can drink because they are leaving tomorrow. So they
insisted everyone to drink absinth as I've heard. Ares was quite happy with the tennis club (now
that's rare): he said the cocktails were very cheap and good.
It was a day off so nothing particularly
important to report.

Cyber @ 27.07.2005 01:00

The barbecue!

The morning started with panic about the broken chair that Donald tried to "fix" last night. Ares was
fuelling the panic as much as he could: "we will be kicked out, I don't want to be kicked out Bwaaaah!".
Well it turned out the hostel even had a price list for the furniture that was stapled to almost every
wall *ponder*. Donald had promised Luke he will go shopping for food with Ling because Luke had to
resolve some problems at work in the morning. Well Donald wasn't quite in shape to keep his promise so
it was the mighty Dildomonium who set out to rob the local warehouses.

The clock was at 2PM (or even more) when Luke got back with the Austrians (hi Sarinda). After they got
checked-in we set off to the lake as Luke and Diam went to another warehouse to get the beer. After an
hour of wandering and Marduk’s cursing we finally arrived at our destination. It was an old iron mine
(at least that was told to us) with big, big rocks and a deep lake (some say 20m or more). The
Slovenians had been there for almost a day by then. We were just about to start our barbecue when it
turned out someone had broken into Slovenians car and stole three wallets with drivers licenses and
car papers in them. They had to get a warrant from the local Police department so they could cross the
border. So much for Luke, he had to drive back to the Police station and help Slovenians.

The weather was not so good, we had showers in every 20 min, but later they stopped. Since everybody
was hungry, Poolik and Jänes tried to get the fire started. They discovered that we have no lighting
fluid for the coals. Great! Well, thanx to some old newspapers and their imagination they finally
managed to light up the grill. The barbecue itself was like any barbecue: lots of meat, beer and
chit-chat. There was a small disagreement over the grill with Canadians, but that was resolved rather
quickly (they wanted control over the whole grill for a while, we provided half of it). At one moment
Ling started to cook some banana with chocolate, however yesterday when this particular food was under
the discussion, Erebos had got his hands onto a banana and made some ill gestures and noises near
Ling’s bottom so the banana in chocolate had gotten a whole different "inside" meaning. Well, it took
a while for Ling and Luke to understand what's wrong with their favourite dish *grin*. I had promised
Luke that I can drive his car back home because he was so worn out and just needed to get some beer.
Now I've never been in a car that has so little space for the driver before :( Even when the drivers
seat was adjusted as far back as possible, the distance between my knee and the windshield wiper switch
was under 1cm. Nevertheless I did fulfil Lukes only request: "Just don't kill us, ok?".

Cyber @ 26.07.2005 11:00

Improving the drinking habit

This is day after the wedding of Ozon and we were supposed to take it a bit easier. Yeah, right! We set
sail back to Olomouc at about 11AM. The Estonian carpool No. 2 had arrived last night (too bad they
missed Ozons wedding). They had some problems with the exhaust pipes on the road and killed 4-5 hours
looking for some Polish mechanics that were capable of welding. Actually I remember them calling to Diam
two nights before and asking how say "to weld" in polish *gig*. It was said that PK Daddy (Silm) was
discussing all the matters of life and death that go below the waistline with Guido all way long so
now Guido must be well educated I presume *grin*. At supermarket parking lot history was made. Diam was
late as usual and Luke got a little nervous since Ling had booked a Chinese restaurant for us. Thus he
was cursing out loud: "Where the hell is that Dildomonium?" Needless to say, the name stuck *grin*.

The Chinese restaurant was nice: red tables, an aquarium (that didn't have any fish in it though) etc.
The food was great, but there could of been a little bit more of it. After the restaurant people split,
because most Estonians didn't want to go to a pub any more.

It was back in the Hostel that the party really took up. The small kitchen was filled with people,
all trying to yell over each other and one asshole turning on the volume of his loudspeaker kit.
Slovenians were taught a new song about Freyas Bear by me, Estonians sang a round of Õllepruulija
and other loud songs etc. The noise was overwhelming. Slovenians offered a round of their slivoviche
and some wimps drank beer: it seemed that the overall objective was to get drunk real fast. It worked.
Ling and Luke left about at 1:30 AM and then the real rumble started. I was about to go to sleep when
Donald came banging on my door: come take a picture, Thurge puked into the kitchen. Wow yummie! Then
Erebos and Donald entered Aznogs' room and sat onto his bed. Aznog woke up and started to scream like
a pig. Geez that was an awful noise. Donald was so amused that he rolled on the floor afterwards. His
drinking habit got a real “boozt” I'm sure.

Cyber @ 25.07.2005 3:50

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