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Some CI flight services relocating to Terminal 2
Q. When will China Airlines relocate some of its flight services to Terminal 2 at CKS airport?
A. Beginning January 21, 2005.
Q. Which China Airlines routes will be relocated to Terminal 2?
A. Flights to and from USA(Guam included), Canada, Australia & Japan (charter and extra flights included) will use Terminal 2; other routes will still use Terminal 1.
Q. Why is China Airlines relocating some of its flights to Terminal 2?
A. China Airlines’ continuing growth, a result of soaring demand, has caused an increase in flight frequencies. More than 100 flights carrying more than 24,000 passengers operate daily in and out of Terminal 1, which is stretched beyond its original capacity. Relocating some CAL flights to Terminal 2 will afford our passengers more space and more comfort.
Q. Why are USA (Guam included), Canada, Australia and Japan routes scheduled for relocation to Terminal 2?
A. Because many transfer passenger flights originate in USA (Guam included), Canada, Australia and Japan, flight transfers will easier. Passengers will transfer between D concourse in Terminal 2, and A concourse in Terminal 1, as compared to transferring between the A and B concourses. This will save time. Also, the increasing traffic flow will be accommodated by the inauguration of a Northern Lobby in Terminal 2, with enhanced facilities.
Q. Where is check-in at Terminal 2 for China Airlines?
A. Counter 3A is designated exclusively for China Airlines First and Dynasty Class passengers as well as Paragon/Emerald/gold card members. Others should proceed to counters 3B/4A. Groups will check in at counter 4B. Reservation/Ticketing/Service desks are located in front of our office (office is behind counter 3A).
Q. How much time should passengers allow for check-in?
A. In view of our USA (Guam included), Canada, Australia and Japan flight service being relocated to Terminal 2, it is advisable that passengers arrive at the airport not later than one hour prior to flight departure.
Q. How do I know which flights check in at Terminal 2?
A. Effective from January 21, 2005, passengers on flights to and from USA (Guam included), Canada, Australia and Japan should check in at Terminal 2; if you are uncertain, please ask your travel agent, or the China Airlines Customer Service Call Center at 02-27151212 or airport service hotline 03-3988888 for guidance.
Q. Will there be a Flight Information Display Screen in both Terminal 1 and 2 listing all China Airlines arrivals and departures, indicating whether the flight is served through Terminal 1 or 2?
A. Terminal facilities being limited, Flight Information Display Screens in Terminal 1 and 2 will each display their own separate flight arrivals and departures only. But displays at the transfer desks and in Skytrains will display flights using both terminals.
Q. Could the boarding gate be in Terminal 2, although the passenger checked in at Terminal 1?
A. Possibly, depending upon flight connections.
Q. Is Kiosk self-help check-in available at Terminal 2? How about luggage storage facility?
A. The Kiosk is located at counter 3B. No luggage storage facility is available at this time in Terminal 2.
Q. What should passengers do if they end up in the wrong terminal?
A. Passengers may take the shuttle bus or Skytrain between Terminals 1 and 2; in the event of a time shortage, please contact the China Airlines Service Desk which is located inside the departure hall at both Terminal 1 and 2. China Airlines ground staff can arrange a mini bus for quicker transfer.
Q. What types of transportation are available between Terminal 1 and 2? How often do they run? Where should passengers catch the transportation? How long does it take?
A. Free of charge Skytrain and Shuttle bus services run between Terminal 1 & 2. The skytrain runs between concourses A and D; and B and C. Skytrain stations are located at concourses A, B, C, D near the Transfer Desk. There is sign that reads Skytrain runs every 3 minutes. The ride takes 1 minute. A shuttle bus runs between Terminal 1 and 2 every 20-35 minutes and takes about 5 minutes. Shuttle bus stations are located at the Northeast corner next to the China Airlines Transfer Desk in Terminal 1, and at the Southeast corner near the arrival exit in Terminal 2.
Q. Where in Terminal 1 and 2 at CKS Airport will China Airlines flights be served?
A. Essentially, China Airlines flights are located at concourses A and D; A/D concourses and B/C concourses are in alignment, so that they may be reached via Skytrain. Travel between A/D and B/C must be via the terminals.
Q. If I arrive from USA (Guam included), Canada, Australia and Japan for flight transfer, what must I do?
A. Where China Airlines flights arrive at A/B/D concourse, you will find Transfer Desks available to assist you. Holding your boarding pass and boarding gate number, please proceed to the security check point nearest the Transfer Desk, walk upstairs to the departure hall and follow the signs to your boarding gate. Those without a boarding pass should contact the Transfer Desk nearby before proceeding to boarding gate.
Q. Will flight transfers take longer? Do I need to claim and recheck my checked baggage?
A. For passengers to and from USA(Guam included), Canada, Australia and Japan, flight transfers in Terminal 2 from A concourse to D concourse will take just 10 to 15 minutes, with automatic transfer of checked baggage. This is faster than transferring in Terminal 1 from concourse A to concourse B, which takes about 30 minutes.
Q. What’s the minimum connecting time from CI to CI, or to other airlines, between Terminal 1 and 2?
A. The minimum connecting time(MCT) within the same terminal from CI to CI is 50 minutes; to other airlines is 60 minutes. Between the two terminals from CI to CI is also 50 minutes; to other airlines is 90 minutes.
Q. If I am to meet a flight arrival, in which terminal should I wait?
A. You must first determine whether the arrival flight originates in USA (Guam included), Canada, Australia or Japan. If your answer is “yes”, effective from January 21, 2005, you should wait in Terminal 2; for other arrivals, you should wait in Terminal 1.
Q. Arriving at CKS airport by car, are there signs that tell me which terminal to go to for my China Airlines flight?
A. From the expressway into CKS airport, signs leading to Terminal 1 and 2 are visible. The signs read:
T1 China Airlines Europe Asia flight routes (Japan not included)
T2 China Airlines USA Canada Australia Japan flight routes
Q. Is there a Dynasty VIP lounge in Terminal 2? How are the amenities?
A. In Terminal 2, China Airlines will provide a brand-new, modern, comfortable VIP lounge that features the same amenities and decor as the lounge in Terminal 1. It occupies a total space of 340 Ping (1,124 square meter) which can accommodate 57 guests in First Class and 176 in Dynasty Class. Guests in the lounge can enjoy wireless broadband, a noodle bar, shower rooms, drinks and snacks - the fine service you expect from China Airlines.
Q. In the event of a long wait, can I go to the VIP lounge in either terminal 1 or 2 and return to the departure terminal for my flight afterwards?
A. Passengers are not encouraged to do so. If passengers decide to change terminals to use VIP lounges, please allow a minimum of 30 minutes for travel back to the original terminal.
Q. If a passenger stored luggage upon arrival at Terminal 1, and is leaving from Terminal 2, what should they do with their stored luggage?
A. Passengers should present their luggage receipt to China Airlines staff at check-in counter for handling.
Q. One day before flight departure, should group tickets for Pre Check-in be delivered to the proper terminal in accordance with the specific travel routes?
A. Yes.
Q. Are duty free shops in Terminal 1 and 2 identical?
A. More or less the same.
Q. At the jetway gates, are there conspicuous signs that direct and guide passengers, and is there an Information Desk for inquiries?
A. At the boarding gates there are sufficient signs, and service personnel available for assistance. Signs are conspicuous and visible. Additionally, at A and D connecting points, China Airlines Service Desks are in place for prompt assistance to passengers.