A Vegetation Map of Tropical South America


The vegetation map of Tropical South America (produced under the TREES I project)  covers all the countries surrounding the Amazon basin – the region shown in grey on Figure 1. With the exception of Brazil, all countries are mapped in their entirety. For Brazil the region defined as the “Legal Amazon” is mapped as far east as 45º W. The other countries are therefore Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana. The Brazilian Atlantic forest is not included on the map. The objective of the map was to document the dense humid forest extent (both lowland and upland) at a continental scale. Gradual interface formations of the humid forest with more seasonal  forest types on the border over the basin have not been mapped distinctly, as a result of the methods used. A more distinct interface is possible with the fragmented forest areas, the cleared forest areas and the savannah and agricultural areas. As such the map has a limited thematic legend. The data used to produce the map come from 1992 images from the NOAA AVHRR sensor. The spatial resolution of the map is at approximately 1 km.


TREES Vegetation Map of Tropical South America


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Key Publications:

Vegetation Map of Tropical South America, H.D. Eva, Glinni A., Janvier, P. and Blair-Myers C., 1999, Scale 1/5M, TREES Publications Series D, N°2, EUR EN 18658, European Commission, Luxembourg.


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