December 8, 2002

Annotated with a story I should have included that says it all!




I acted as an economic consultant to Jack Kennedy, Lyndon Baines Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford (hardly long enough to count) and turned down Ronald Reagan.

"Bush dismissed O'Neill yesterday and dismantled his economic team as rising unemployment (&) slowing growth point to a faltering recovery."

Two years ago I warned a major Republican Senator I had been very close to for more than a decade of the economic problems ahead. I never heard from him. No acknowledgment, no nothing.

I warned a well know cabinet officer in this administration (he's still there) more than 15 months ago that we were in economic trouble. I asked him to take that to the President. I got the old brush off even though the Cabinet officer was a client of mine for many years! Thank you Pierre and that was it!

  August 18, 2001

The Honorable
Washington, D.C., 20301-1000


We are in a recession and it is going to get worse. The recovery will be weak
when it comes. It is a global recession.

The chances of a world depression are increasing.

If you would like to discuss it my addresses are above.

Regards as always,

Pierre A. Rinfret

"How severe? For a combination of reasons I think that the recession will not be so much severe as it will be prolonged. We will not go into as depression but we have a great deal of financial nonsense to get rid of and to clean up. That includes the instant 30 year old millionaires and ridiculous housing prices (my house, in nine years, has gone from a value of $2XXXXXX to a value of $6XXXXXX! Why "prolonged" because the world is in an "iffy" condition with Japan (the 2nd largest economy in the world) in bad shape along with most of Europe not doing great (not bad but not great either).

In other words George Bush has a full plate ahead of him."


It is almost impossible for any President (that I knew or had access to) to get the truth on what is happening to the American economy for a veritable complex of reasons.

I cannot put the reasons in any semblance of order so the list may be bulleted but it is not sequential in any way!

The reasons are interwoven and interrelated and as complex as an atom! As the scientists have learned, deep down it is chaos!



Some quotes from Presidents I knew about the American economy about which I vouch 100%:

"What will be the unemployment rate in November, 1972?

It doesn't matter Mr. President.

What do you think Dr. Stein?

I haven't done the figures, Mr. President.

Pierre, what do you think?

Mr. President it is now about 6 percent, by November,1972 it will above 9 percent.Your re-election is in jeopardy.


No President knows beans about the American economic outlook and the people around him know less.

Talk big they do, understand they don't.

Now you know that another one of the reasons I constantly remind you to follow your own instincts is that you have your ear to the ground. You are out trying to make a living day in and day out. You can't afford to be wrong.

They are dedicated to listening to themselves.

The dummies believe their own propaganda.

Arthur Burns warned Richard Nixon and Eisenhower in 1960 (the Presidential election campaign of Nixon against Kennedy) that a recession was underway. Eisenhower ignored Burns, Nixon could do nothing, Burns was right and Kennedy won the election. Burns, as a result of that warning, was dearly loved, admired and rewarded by Richard Nixon.

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Annotation of Saturday, December 14, 2002.

Ida and I had gone to the Westchester Country Club for the week-end. On Sunday morning at 08:00 the telephone rang and the club operator said to me "The White House is on the phone.". To this day I do not know how they found me since we had not told anyone where we were going to be over the week end except my two children who had not talked to the white House.

It was Gerald Ford on the phone. It was only a few days after his ascendency to the Presidency. He said that he was calling me because President Nixon had told him I would always give him the blunt truth about the economy. He wanted to personally invite me to be the keynote speaker at a planned and upcoming White House conference on the subject of how to solve inflation.

I told him I would be honored but the problem facing the administration was not inflation but an economic recession. I explained to him that the economy was softening rapidly and we faced the possibility of a recession at election time. He said he had not heard that from anyone.

HE THEN SAID, "NO MATTER, I STILL WANT YOU AS MY KEYNOTE SPEAKER AND IT DOESN'T MATTER TO ME WHETHER YOU TALK ABOUT INFLATION OR A RECESSION. After a few more words he said to me "It's close to 9 o'clock and I have to get to church." We then signed off .

The conversation lasted about 40 minutes FROM 08:00 TO 08:40 (I checked him in and I checked him out).

Late Monday afternoon following I got a call from someone named Ambassador Rush and he hemmed and hawed and then disinvited me to the meeting with the nonsensical remark that there were too many Eastern economists in attendance!

"Besides which no economist in the country thinks the economy is weakening and the White House economists certainly do not think so!"

I called Al Haig as Chief of Staff and complained that I had been personally invited by the President of the United States and how could Rush disinvite me stepping on the personal invitation and request of the President?

Haig said he would get back to me.

On the Thursday following Haig called me and said to forget the entire subject ("Pierre, leave it alone.") since Rush was in charge. I asked Haig how could a staff member contradict the invitation of the President. Of course I didn't get an answer.

I didn't go, the conference was a failure. The President was never told that the economy was weakening and his own staff both lied to him and did him a total disservice. They kept the truth about the American economy away from him. Ambassador Rush made sure that the President heard nothing about a recession.

"Now we are faced with the first postwar world recession.The odds of a recession in the United States are steadily shifting in favor of one. For the past ten months we have taken the position that the odds of a recession in the United States were 50/50. We would now increase those odds to 60/40 unless we are capable of massive efficiencies in the use of energy."Rinfret-Boston Associates, November 27, 1973; The Political Economy, page one.


As a result of my disinvitation I predicted to my clients that Ford would lose to Carter since he was a wimp, run by his staff who could contradict him and uninformed to boot! That is a lethal combination ripe for defeat.

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your point of view, I was right and a recession occcured in the middle of the short Ford years! Jimmy Carter made enormous capital out of it and, of course, won the election.

The National Bureau of Economic Research dates the Ford recession as starting in November, 1973 and ending in March, 1975.

Ford lost just as I knew he would. His loss was directly attributable to a staff that refused him information they did not like! He was ignorant of the economic facts and paid the price. He was a half term President.

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