Btrieve Past, Present and Future

Remember when Btrieve rocked the database world?

The original release of Btrieve was a milestone in PC database performance and reliability – and its latest manifestation, as Pervasive.SQL™ V8, raises the bar even higher. As someone who joined us along the way –with Windows 95, DOS 6.x or NetWare v3.11 for example – we thought you'd be as interested to see where we came from as where we're going.

You can see for yourself what Btrieve looks like today with a free download of the Pervasive.SQL V8 release candidate!

If you'd like more information about Pervasive®, Btrieve utilities or the Novell® NetWare™ DBMS systems, whether they are navigational (ISAM Btrieve) or relational SQL (ODBC, JDBC and OLE DB) client/server engine, click here!



Pervasive, then known as SoftCraft, first makes its mark on the database world when it develops the widely used Btrieve® database technology. Btrieve 1.0 is released (roughly 6 months after the first PC is introduced).




SoftCraft is acquired by Novell, and Btrieve is merged with Novell's NetWare network operating system.



Btrieve 4.11 is launched with the release of NetWare 2.1- the first VAP (Value Added Process – NetWare 2.x server process).



Btrieve 5.10 for DOS, OS/2 and Windows are released. Additionally, Btrieve 5.10 for Novell NetWare is released in the NetWare 3.0 box - marking the first-ever NLM. NetWare SQL v2.11 for NetWare 3.0 is released later this same year.



Btrieve 5.15 is packaged in the NetWare 3.11 box.



Btrieve 6.0 is packaged in the NetWare SQL 3 box.



Btrieve 6.10 is included in the NetWare 4 box.






Btrieve's popularity continues to grow. Novell spins off its database business and Btrieve Technologies Inc. is born.



Btrieve 6.15 for DOS, Windows, and OS/2 are released.



Btrieve 6.15 for NetWare, NT Server and Win NT/Win 95 is released marking the first database cross-platform server configuration.






Btrieve Technologies is renamed Pervasive Software to reflect a growing worldwide presence.
Btrieve 6.30 for Warp Server, Pervasive's first MicroKernal Architecture product, is introduced in conjunction with IBM.



Pervasive completes its initial public offering in September.
Pervasive's relational database product built on the new Btrieve 7.0 MicroKernal Architecture, ScalableSQL 4.0, is introduced.



Pervasive.SQL 7 server engine for NetWare and NT and Win 32 single-user workstation engine are released.



Pervasive launches its flagship data-management product, Pervasive.SQL 2000, which included a new server platform: Linux.



The Web-tailored Pervasive.SQL 2000i is released.






Pervasive.SQL V8 launched.



Launched Pervasive DataExchange for real-time data replication and synchronization
Launched Pervasive AuditMaster providing embedded real-time monitoring and auditing
Launched Pervasive.SQL V8 Security Feature Pack with a unified security model and strong encryption
Acquired Data Junction



Launched Pervasive Backup Agent for clean and consistent Pervasive.SQL backups
Launched Data Junction Migration Toolkit
Launched Pervasive Data Integrator
Launched Pervasive Business Integrator

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