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Performance Appraisal

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performance appraisal
Performance Appraisal

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It doesn’t matter what your industry, an employee performance appraisal should serve to enhance your employee’s productivity, and your level of satisfaction with that employee. Reviews and appraisals provide the opportunity for you, the employer to review the past year with your employee, look at the goals and objectives that were set for the past year, how many were accomplished, what was the level of productivity, etc.

For many employees, just the knowledge that there will be a review, can prompt them to be more conscientious, more efficient, and can keep attitudes positive.
What other purpose does the employee performance appraisal serve? Actually there are two other objectives that the employee performance appraisal should accomplish, compensation levels, and written records of employee performance.

Prior to reviewing an employee, your company should have pre-set standards for compensation levels based on employee output and efficiency. When the employee performance appraisal is due, using the appraisal in conjunction with these pre-set standards is a tool for you to determine those employees who warrant a raise, and those who do not; the greatest asset is that it relieves you, the employer from making purely judgmental decisions. You have guidelines already established, and you simply follow those guidelines, based on the employee performance appraisal.

The other, perhaps more important accomplishment of the employee performance appraisal is the establishment of written records. In a perfect world, every employee comes to work, works hard, and gives it 110%; this is not a perfect world, however, and sometimes we must discipline employees, even terminate employees. No one likes to even consider this option, but it happens, everyday. The best offense in a situation such as this is a good defense. Make sure you have sufficient evidence to substantiate your actions. Hard copy, written evidence, especially when completed over a period of months, goes a long way in preventing unnecessary mediation and litigation.


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