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Head Games: Cutting Through the Bull

"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it" - Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's Minister of Propaganda

On this web page, I analyze quotes obtained from the FMSF Scientific and Professional Advisory Board listing (retrieved 7/02). I attempt to explain how and why some of the quoted individuals knowingly use misinformation to bias courts, the media, and the public against recovering trauma survivors and those who choose to help them.  

Some seem to be struggling with denial - they can't accept that we will not be silenced and will not go away.  Some seem angry that we dare to remember and speak out about what they've done to us. Some also seem angry that therapists are ignoring their threats and legal harassment, and continue to help us to remember and heal.  

And some seem fearful.  Perhaps they were reassured by their colleagues that all would go well; that there would be no more  problems for them from their past crimes against humanity - including their complicity in CIA MKULTRA subprojects.  But the problems are coming.  And coming.  And they have no where to run, no place to hide.  

I would like to see the perpetrators make personal restitution to their former victims.  They could start with sincere apologies.  I wish we could set up our own "Truth and Reconciliation Commission," similar to what was done in South Africa - where perpetrators were given amnesty if they testified in public hearings about what they had done to victims.  But they had to tell it honestly and in full.  

Financial restitution would be nice, and many survivors desperately need it.  But I'd also like the full (not partial) truth to be made available to the public about what was done to so many of us.  Like the CIA put on its wall in the front lobby at Langley,  "The Truth Shall Set You Free."    

To those who are named but are innocent of harming others, I would add this warning: You are known by the company you keep.  

To view quotes cited on this page, click on the individuals' names below:

Aaron T. Beck     Terence W. Campbell     Rosalind D. Cartwright     Frederick C. Crews     Robyn M. Dawes     George K. Ganaway     Martin Gardner     Henry Gleitman     Ernest R. Hilgard     John Hochman     David S. Holmes     Robert A. Karlin     Harold I. Lief     Elizabeth Loftus     Paul R. McHugh

These quotes [in black] are from the FMSF Scientific and Technical Advisory Board Internet web page, dated July 2002.  My personal comments are in brown. 

Aaron T. Beck, M.D., D.M.S.
, University of Pennsylvania. "'...known as the father of Cognitive Therapy'... Asked about the outlook for the repressed memory crisis, Dr. Beck replied: 'I think it will fade away like historical episodes of mass hysteria.'"

This suggests that those who recover memory are hysterics. By convincing the public that we are mentally and/or emotionally unstable, such professionals hope that we will not be believed if we tell the truth about what was perpetrated against us.  

Terence W. Campbell, Ph.D. "...a highly regarded lecturer, therapist, and teacher...called the attention of psychologists to the 'blame-and-change' maneuver in therapy...[he wrote] 'Indicators of Child Sexual Abuse and Their Unreliability', [he also wrote] 'Beware the Talking Cure (1994), which discusses the hazards of irresponsible psychotherapy.'"

Three FMSF tactics seem to be used here: 1) Awakening survivors are often accused of shifting the responsibility, the "blame", for their problems on the people they claimed abused them - as if abuse doesn't cause problems in their minds and lives.  2) Many of the FMSF's spokespersons also go overboard in discrediting children's memories of being sexually assaulted.  3) Some of them are fighting to ban "talk therapy" so that survivors cannot remember, or speak of, what has been done to them.

Rosalind Dymond Cartwright, Ph.D., Rush Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center. "Personal knowledge of a repressed-memory tragedy led Dr. Cartwright to join the FMSF board. 'A friend and colleague had an adult daughter in therapy accuse him of childhood sexual abuse,' she says. 'It was my best judgment that this was unbelievable of the person I knew and could only been induced by the therapist.'"

Perhaps the real tragedy is that the man abused his child.  This is a common pattern of behavior I've seen in some of the FMSF's most outspoken members. 

First, they say: "I believe the accused couldn't have done it."  Then they insist that because they believe the accused is innocent, then he or she is innocent.  Then they claim that their opinion of  accused's innocence "proves" that the alleged victim "fabricated false memories."  Then they expect everyone believe that, because they say the accused is innocent, he or she is.  This process has been used repeatedly in books written by FMSF proponents who write about repressed memories and ritual abuse.  They claim that the accused didn't commit the alleged crime and/or they successfully testify for the accused in court, claiming that the alleged victim has "false memory syndrome."  Because the judge and/or jury doesn't know that the syndrome is bogus, they believe that the victim's memories are false.  After the accused is found not guilty, they claim that the verdict "proves" that the accused was innocent.  Then they use that "proof" to prove that recovered memories are false. 

Frederick C. Crews, Ph.D. - University of California, Berkeley.  "I see my role in the FMS controversy as a dual one...first I have repeatedly tried to draw the attention of intellectuals and educated general readers to the reality and the urgency of the epidemic itself.  And second, I have been trying to show that the FMS virus, even if it subsides over the next several years, will only recur in some mutated form unless the water that it swims in is drained.  By this I mean that the 'psychodynamic' model of the minds lends itself all too readily to demonological theories..."

When you figure this one out, please let me know.  Hello, earth to Dr. Crews?

Robyn M. Dawes, Ph.D. - Carnegie Mellon University, PA. "...freely admits being 'fired for insubordination' from his post as vice-president of the Oregon Research Institute in 1974...Citing research in the field and his general knowledge of memory, Dr. Dawes declares: 'I was quite dubious that these constructive memories of implausible events could be historically accurate.'"

"Implausible?"  That's his personal opinion, not fact.  

George Kenneth Ganaway, M.D. - Emory University, GA. "'Freud would be turning over in his grave,' says Dr. Ganaway in discussing many of the current fad therapies being foisted on the public.  In fact, Dr. Ganaway coined the word 'McTherapy' to describe what he calls the 'fast foods psychotherapies of the 1980s and 1990s'...I have emphasized a psychoanalytically-oriented approach to understanding and treating dissociative syndromes.'"

I love Dr. Ganaway's audacity.  How clever to recruit the help of a famous dead doctor he never met, by attributing a fabricated behavior to his corpse! And here is another tactic you'll see over and over again, coming from the most disrespectful FMSF professionals.  Ganaway calls modern psychotherapy "McTherapy" and "fast food" and "fad therapies."  (I wonder if tens of thousands of successfully recovering trauma survivors would agree.) By belittling his colleagues and downplaying the effectiveness of their techniques, Ganaway shames us into turning away from their help and believing that he must have a better way.  What a salesman!

Martin Gardner - author and math wizard.  "His latest book, from Weird Water to Fuzzy Logic...is mainly a collection of Gardner's Skeptical Inquirer columns, including two he wrote about the false memory phenomenon.  He continues to contribute to the Skeptical Inquirer, where his 'Notes of a Fringe-Watcher' column takes frequent potshots to the humbug surrounding junk science. Mr. Gardner holds out hope for dispelling the repressed memory bugaboo.  Answering a recent inquiry, he said, 'I think jurors, attorneys, judges, and media bigwigs are slowly becoming educated about the crisis.'"

Here we go again.  Using unscientific labels to make legitimate therapy look like "junk," distorting repressed memory into a crisis (it's not, it's been with us throughout history), a bugaboo, a false memory phenomenon.  Such labels are constantly being introduced by Gardner and other FMSF advocates - particularly through the media.  The uninformed public doesn't know that they are being fed a steady diet of totally unprofessional, unscientific garbage. 

Henry Gleitman, Ph.D. - University of Pennsylvania.  "'The class was just spellbound when he lectured.' The speaker, a former student, was referring to Dr. Gleitman, a dedicated teacher who estimates he has performed his classroom magic for 25,000 students in the last 50 years'...Dr. Gleitman has viewed with concern the controversies surrounding psychotherapy, and particularly the repressed-memory conflict.  Regarding repressed memories, Dr. Gleitman laments what he calls 'the suspension of common sense,' and appeals for a return to the 'Yankee way of looking at things - Show me; prove it!'"

Spellbound?  I thankfully am not.  I am, however, confused.  We're to believe that accepting our recovered memories indicates a suspension of common sense, even though recovered memories are a regular and oft-proven event.  But, but wait.  You said it suspends common sense.  So - if I believe in my memories that will not go away,  I suspend common sense.  That leaves only one reality - yours.  How convenient!  And you say, "show me."  Excuse me?  No one owes you that.   

Ernest R. Hilgard, Ph.D., N.A.S. - Stanford University, CA.  "His first work, Conditioning and Learning, appeared in 1940 and soon became a classic.  As his interest turned more and more to hypnosis, Dr. Hilgard published in 1965 Susceptibility to Hypnosis, one of three books on this subject."  "To Dr. Hilgard, the hypnotic process is 'imaginative involvement,' and thus, hypnotic subjects are liable to form pseudomemories. 

Here's another irony.  The FMSF constantly claims that therapists are guilty of implanting "false memories" of childhood abuse in clients minds.  But they are not willing to acknowledge that some of their own colleagues implanted false "screen" memories in their victims' minds to block out what the victims really endured at their hands.  Typical perp behavior: they must keep the focus turned outward, lest someone take a hard look at their own past actions.  

John Hochman, M.D. - UCLA Medical School, CA.  "A forceful writer and a respected researcher, Dr. Hochman refuses to mince words when he writes about the recovered memory issue.  'Welcome to the strange world of memory recovery therapy ... This is pseudoscience ... The real message being sold by these new therapy messiahs is the ultimate crybaby solution to everyone's pitiful human problems.  It's all someone else's fault.  Reminding readers of the inadequate training of most repressed-memory therapists, Dr. Hochman pointed out that the most widely-read book of the survivor movement 'was written by two women with no formal training in memory, psychology or psychiatry'... He continues to devote considerable time to speaking and writing, frequently about 'repressed' memories, cult phenomena, and 'multiple personality.'"

Like some of the others cited on this web page, Hochman was listed in Bluebird as having been involved in human experimentation.  I wonder if he displayed the same attitude towards human subjects.  If they cried from pain or stress, I wonder if he looked at them with disgust and anger and called them "crybabies, "pitiful," or worse.  Some psychiatrists have a vested interest in discrediting awakening trauma survivors.  I wonder if Hochman is one.  Another point:  I'd much rather receive advice and support from an uneducated survivor in recovery, than from a professional who comes across as cold and condescending. 

David S. Holmes, Ph.D. - University of Kansas.  "Professor David Holmes first raised concerns about repression in 1974 when he reviewed the laboratory evidence and concluded that despite 60 years of research, there was no evidence for the concept...It was Holmes who suggested only half in jest that a 'truth in packaging' or 'protective product warning' should accompany the use of the concept: 'Warning: The concept of repression has not been validated with experimental research and its use may be hazardous to the accurate interpretation of clinical behavior.'"

In the face of volumes of evidence that prove that ones theories are false, there's only one thing left to do: deny, deny, deny.  (For legit information about repressed memory, go to the NAFF web site and click on the "Memory Recovery" web page button.)  Holmes claims that repression hasn't been validated with experimental research.  Actually, it has - especially by some of his seedier FMSF associates. 

Robert A. Karlin, Ph.D. - Rutgers University, NJ.  "...in 1974, Dr. Karlin's early work focused on brain function, hypnosis, and the ability to hallucinate the absence of pain...By 1985, Dr. Karlin felt the battle was over, only to find he had been mistaken.  'What had been a peripheral bother - ignorance by numbers of practicing clinicians about how memory and suggestion work - became a catastrophe as the recovered memory movement gathered steam'...As an example of 'obvious nonsense,' Dr. Karlin turns to what he calls 'the epidemic of multiple personalities.' 'True psychogenic amnesia is extraordinarily rare,' he points out.  'I have seen one case in over two decades of research and practice. Yet all of a sudden there were numerous cases of MPD where amnesiac barriers shifted from moment to moment in response to hypnotic suggestion...It was like hearing reports of people running the mile in two minutes; the organism does not work that way. It was clear for that and other reasons that MPD was not a defense mechanism employed by overwhelmed children, but a dramatic role maintained by the support of certain therapists and 'self-help' groups.'"

Oh my.  This one made my blood freeze.  In 1974, Karlin "focused on brain function, hypnosis, and the ability to hallucinate the absence of pain."  Can you spell e-x-p-e-r-i-m-e-n-t-a-l-t-o-r-t-u-r-e?  Dr. Karlin could be one of the professionals hiding behind the FMSF's skirts while spewing scientifically unproven disinformation out of fear of former subjects who perhaps could remember and identify him in court some day.  Or worse.  Our recovered memory movement gained steam;  he said it "became a catastrophe."  For him, I believe it truly is.  

Harold I. Lief, M.D. - University of Pennsylvania.  "As a member of the FMSF board, Dr. Lief notes several advances in the crusade against false accusations based on repressed memory therapy."

If we accuse perpetrators based on our recovered memories, we're participating in a witch hunt against them, and that's unacceptable by FMSF standards.  But it is acceptable for the FMSF to have a crusade against recovering victims (and their therapists).  How bizarre.

Elizabeth Loftus, Ph.D. - University of Washington.  Little in Elizabeth Loftus' early career suggested that she was destined to become a lightning rod in the gathering storm called the repressed-memory controversy...In the repressed-memory wars, she has become the most visible and vocal defender of those victimized by false memories of childhood sexual abuse...her view of the false-memory phenomenon, which she describes as a 'world-wide crisis.'  No one should be surprised by Dr. Loftus' dedication in her recent book.  It reads, 'Dedicated to the principles of science, which demand that any claim to 'truth' be accompanied by proof.'"

"Lightning rod?"  How about glory-hound? After talking with three different female professionals who spent time in Loftus' presence and came away as new Loftus-worshippers (I kid you not), I've come to the reasonable conclusion that Loftus must crave attention.  She also seems to enjoy testifying in behalf of accused defendants.  To find out what the media (and the FMSF) fails to tell you about Loftus' most recent memory experiments and her seeming inability to respect the personal boundaries of others, use any search engine and type her name, and then "Lynn Crook" or "Jennifer Freyd."

Paul R. McHugh, M.D. - Johns Hopkins University, MD.  "'I believe that this crisis will ultimately resolve, as all crazes do, to the shame of those who contributed to this injustice.'  With those words, Dr. McHugh summarizes the outlook for the repressed memory crisis, which first attracted his attention several years ago. Dr. McHugh has been outspoken in his opposition to the use of repressed memory therapy, declaring: 'To treat for repressed memories without any effort at external validation is malpractice, pure and simple.' On the subject of Multiple Personality Disorder, he flatly states: 'MPD is a iatrogenic behavioral syndrome, promoted by suggestion and maintained by clinical attention, social consequences and group loyalties.'"

McHugh's name is in list #2. I've heard many horror stories about the Bourne Behavioral Research Laboratory that he set up at Cornell University, decades before recovered memory was considered controversial.  I believe that because Orne and West are deceased, McHugh may have the most to lose if the memories of mind-control experimentation survivors (especially those with Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly known as MPD) are taken seriously.  I believe this is why he is so vocal in his attempts to discredit those with recovered memories.  And I believe that he truly considers public acceptance of our recovered memories to be a crisis, as well as an injustice - to him?  Perhaps time and additional documentation will tell.    


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