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Message from the Chairman of CAI-Asia

I have had the unique privilege of being involved in all the Better Air Quality (BAQ) workshops since the first workshop in 2001 in Hong Kong. From its beginnings in 2001, BAQ has indeed become the most significant and relevant gathering for air quality management stakeholders in Asia.

Evidence of the success of BAQ is the growing number of participants. With an expected participation of over 1000 persons, BAQ is now being held every two years to give sufficient time for program development and logistical arrangements. We are very proud to have the first governmental meeting on urban air quality in Asia as part of BAQ 2006 and I would like to thank UNEP and the Ministry of Environment for agreeing to co-host this important meeting with CAI-Asia.

CAI-Asia is delighted and impressed with the support demonstrated by our Indonesian partners to the organization of BAQ 2006. This strong support is tangible evidence that workshops can be more than "talk-shops" and that they can contribute to concrete action and change.

The widespread and strong support for BAQ sends out a clear message -- that Asian cities and countries want clean air and are willing to work together to make it happen. I look forward to meeting you in BAQ 2006!

- Kong Ha, Chairman, Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities (CAI-Asia)