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The miggidy-miggidy Mavs will make you Diop, Diop

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It's a crazy day in general, and it's only going to get crazier tonight when the Mavs and Cavs play in the 2nd part of the NBA 'avs Series.

There isn't a whole lot of history between these teams, unless you count Desagana Diop, former Cavalier first-round bust and current Mavericks contributing center. Hard to believe - we actually criticized Mark Cuban on this signing way back on like day 3 of this blog.

Guess we were wrong, as Cavs beat man Branson Wright of the Cleveland Plain Dealer points out.

Diop has come so far that the Mavericks often display a music video in his honor at American Airlines Arena in Dallas. A local rap group did a remake of Kris Kross' "Jump" and replaced it with Diop. The video includes highlights of Diop dunking and blocking shots.

"I remember the first time they played the video during a timeout and I was trying to pay attention to what coach [Johnson] was trying to say but I was sneaking looks at the video," Diop said.

Yeah, we remember the first time we watched it on our computer and we were like "what the fuck was that?"

We had a whole "way to finally decide to lose 80 pounds and learn about basketball" thing we were gonna get into, but "Diop, Diop" kinda trumps that, huh? Please watch, absorb, then discuss:

If someone had told us last summer that someone still remembered Kris Kross and Desagana Diop would somehow be involved in said rememberance, we'd have


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Are you still trying to decide what you would have done?

You tube is amazing. And this is the funniest video on there by far!

Damn! I wish Diop played for the Wolves. I could watch this everynight.

the mavs in arena production team made that.. those two dudes arent a rap group... they work in like merchandise... they made a mavs version of the chronic what cles of narnia... its on dallasmavericks.com

Are you serious? They're not a real rap group?

i dont appreciate your sarcasm sir

I just wathced the chronic video along with the one for "The Avery Bunch." The Mavs are now my new favorite team.

Is Diop Diop ever gonig to be put on Myspace?

The first time i saw this video, i was actually visiting Desagana in Dallas, and saw a small portion at one of the games. He was kinda unheard of in Cleveland, but honestly never got the chance. Oh yea, i love the video, and go Mavs unless their play'n Cleveland, then fuck'em lol(sorry Gana). Jonny b From tha C.L.E

He had every opportunity in Cleveland to do exactly what he's doing now - it's just that he was 50 pounds overweight when he was there.

I'm glad he decided to get his act together - he always seemed like a nice enough guy.

goooooooooooo!desagana diop
i dream to see the mavs to beat the spurs in nba playoffs 2006.
so i love diop,diop video

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