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Comments on CONTINUUM


… Your game looks great!

---Kevin Stokes, Co-Author of GCS, Pie in the Sky Software

… I just wanted to let you know I downloaded and played quite a bit of Continuum...I didn't finish it by any means, but I was very very impressed. Without a doubt, it's the finest GCS-based offering I've seen. I co-authored the Pie 3DGCS.ÖI've never seen more attention to detail in any other GCS-based game; you are to be commended for it.

… ...keep up the good work...let me know when it's finished, I'd very much like to play the final version...though I'm sure this version will keep me involved for quite a while.

---John Nagle, Co-Author of GCS, Iguana Software

… I just took a jaunt through the latest release of Continuum....I was most amused by the classic hidden levels! I am a GCS I must commend you on doing such a nice job with it....You made impressive use of [event and environment] scripts throughout Continuum.

… I needn't mention that the overall design work is very nice too. Anyway, you can rest assured that I only have good things to say about your work on Continuum.

---Bob Satori

…If you haven't played this game... you're missing out... some of the greatest level design started with this game. I personally believe it derserves a [five star rating]... but that's my opnion... this is a classic GCS game.

---Michael Alexander, Video Brothers Software

… It looks good! Damn good!

---Steven Lowry, Author of MURK

… Wow it is incredible! It is very intricately detailed, and I like that a lot!!!! Well while your game has encouraged and inspired me to create a new ALTERNATE DIMENSION 3d worldÖ[with non-linear] story lines, but you must discover them first.

… [have] got a real gem there... keep up the really good work! just so you know your game really encouraged me to continue using GCS, since i was very discouraged and thought that it wouldnít compare to other commercial 3d games now...

---William A. Cavagnaro Jr.

… Continuum is a true masterpiece!! It made me feel like I was in a spy movie!....[Of] all the talent I`ve seen and all the games I`ve seen small groups...make, Continuum dominates them all. I`m really looking forward to any upcoming releases. The artwork is simply overwhelming...

… The detail was so fine I almost didn`t believe you used the Pie In The Sky GCS.... One thing is for sure this is some outstanding work!

---Mike "Minute Man" Guidetti

… Your games are a success!!

---Robert Orlinski

… Just wanted to say I tried beta 1.5 of Continuum and I think it is great! guys have talent!


… I must say, your level is excellent! WOW, I can't get over it. I already gave a copy to my friend. I would like to be a beta tester or whatever. I just wanna help out in some way :) I think this whole idea is cool. Again, nice job on the level.

---Jim "Damage"

… Quite an awesome game you've got; I haven't seen anything like it since "Strife", and "Strife" wasn't near as good as Continuum either. [In Strife] there was only one possible story line that couldn't be strayed from. I like how I can sit down and play Continuum and not see the same thing twice. It's quite an experience.

---Vince Nusunginya

… I must say your Game was very beautiful, I've never seen graphics quite so good looking since Quake. Good job and keep up the great work and games.

---Ken, Abulia Software

… Whoa, I have never been so involved with a game before. The graphics, the story and the idea are...very original. I have yet to see someone do what you did here with this game -- bring a game out that has quality to it. A unique perspective on Area 51 without having to get into a fist fight or a shoot out. You took games to a better height. Today there are more, Shoot 'em up games than there are exploring games. Great job and let's hope for a Continuum II or another game like it's kind.

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