VoIP Security Gateway
Demand for VoIP services is growing rapidly ¡X and the BRV614 VoIP Security Gateway is the ideal VoIP solution for medium-size and SOHO businesses.

With its compact design, powerful routing and firewall functions, and built-in VoIP ports, the BRV614 provides the convenience of a secure, high-speed, general-purpose Internet connection with seamlessly integrated voice and fax capability.

Each of the two VoIP ports connects to a conventional telephone or fax machine, supplies the tip and ring signals it requires, and converts between analog voice or fax signals and Internet-routable IP data packets. The BRV614 takes the place of a PBX, and the Internet connection takes the place of a separate analog line to the local exchange office. The BRV614 utilizes the Internet connection to the fullest, enabling substantial savings on communication costs.

To protect the network and vital data links from snoopers and crackers, the BRV614 provides powerful security functions, including a firewall and IPSec VPN pass-through.

The BRV614¡¦s built-in Web-based graphical user interface allows setup, management, and monitoring through any popular browser. Setup is quick and easy, allowing users to start using the network for business and pleasure without complicated configuration procedures.

Features and Benefits
Voice over IP (VoIP) Functions
Features two built-in voice ports that can support independent telephone numbers, allowing the user to consolidate voice, data, and fax functions onto a single network. Utilizes the Internet connection to the fullest, making for substantial savings on communication costs.
Integrated 4-port MDI/MDI-X Ethernet Switch
Provides four switched LAN ports that auto-detect link speed and cable type, making it easy to hook computers up for sharing of local resources and Internet access without the expense of a stand-alone Ethernet hub or switch.
Powerful Security Features
Offers the best possible protection from snoopers and crackers, as well as letting the user block objectionable Web sites and inappropriate content. Features an ICSAR compliant firewall extended with value-adding security functions such IPSec VPN pass-through, packet filtering, content filtering, and MAC address access control.
Assignable Secure DMZ Port
Allows a LAN port to be designated as a link to a DMZ host, further shielding the network from the unpredictable hazards of the Internet.
User-Friendly Setup and Management
With a Web-based user interface, the VoIP Security Gateway is easy to set up, manage, and monitor. All functions can be configured through a user-friendly graphical interface accessible through any popular Web browser.
Application Scenario