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GMU Sextravaganza To Go On Despite Lawmakers' Complaints

School Official: Sex, Health Fair Teaches Students About STDs

POSTED: 1:06 pm EDT April 22, 2005
UPDATED: 2:34 pm EDT April 22, 2005

George Mason University officials say the school has no plans to cancel a controversial event despite complaints from some Virginia lawmakers.

Sextravaganza is a campus sexuality and health fair scheduled for Monday. The fair focuses on issues such as emergency contraception, abstinence and free AIDS tests.

Republican State Sen. Ken Cuccinelli of Fairfax accused GMU of promoting what he calls "every type of sexual promiscuity you can imagine." Republican Delegate Richard Black of Loudoun told The Washington Post that he is "absolutely disgusted" that GMU would allow such an event. He said the school risks losing its reputation as a first-class university.

But the school said the Sextravaganza will go on as planned. Thomas Hennessey, the school's chief of staff to the president, admitted the name sounds "a little lurid," but he said students need to know about the reality of sexually transmitted diseases.

The Sextravaganza is a free event.

Watch News4 at 6 for a report from Tracee Wilkins.

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