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Englishname: Eurasian Siskin Latin Species: Carduelis spinus Go to Google to search pic about this species
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Name:Eurasian Siskin
Author of the picture:Dave Showler
Identification:Description: Very small (11.5 cm) finch with distinctive short bill and boldly banded black and yellow wings. Adult male has black cap and chin and has bright yellow on side of head, rump and base of tail. Female is duller, more streaked and lacks black cap and chin. Juvenile as female but browner and wing bar more orange. Separated from all other small, similarly-coloured finches by sharp pointed bill. Iris - dark brown; bill - pinkish; feet - blackish. Voice: Song is jangling mixture of notes with metallic twitters, trills and wheezy notes, given from high perch or in bat-like display flight. Typical call is tinny tsuu-ee or dry tet-tet. Also twitters, chirps and sharp tsooeet in alarm. Range: Discontinuous. Europe to Middle East and E Asia. Distribution and Status: Fairly common. Breeds in Greater and Lesser Hinggan Mts of NE China and rarely in Jiangsu province. On passage through E China and wintering on Taiwan and in Xizang and lower Changjiang valleys and S and E Coastal regions. Habits: Winters in large flocks with undulating flight. Feeds tit-like and acrobatic.
Citation:John MacKinnon and Karen Phillipps, 2000 A FIELD GUIDE TO THE BIRDS OF CHINA. Oxford University Press
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