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No Copy Protection on Australian Sony BMG CDs
To all Australian music consumers: SONY BMG can assure you that all CDs and DVDs manufactured by us in Australia or New Zealand for local release do not contain content protection technology developed by UK company First4Internet.
First4Internet's XCP technology was used in the US for a limited number of titles manufactured for release there. This has been referred to as "rootkit" technology and has been the subject of recent media coverage.

The easiest way to work out if a CD or DVD is manufactured in Australia or New Zealand for local release is to look at its back cover. Discs manufactured in Australia for local release will state "Distributed in Australia by SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT (AUSTRALIA) PTY LIMITED". These products will also not have a "Copy Control Technology" logo, which is on products that contain any kind of copy protection technology. In New Zealand, CDs will state "Manufactured and Distributed in New Zealand by SBME (NZ) Ltd" or "Made in New Zealand".

If you have a complaint in relation to any CDs not manufactured in Australia, please visit or provide feedback at

A customer letter issued in the United States in relation to the limited number of products manufactured there with the First4Internet XCP technology can be found at

A list of titles released in the United States containing the XCP technology can be viewed at


No Copy Protection on Australian Sony BMG CDs

Something For Kate
Melbourne trio Something For Kate spent most of 2005 in LA recording their eagerly-anticipated new album 'Desert Lights' (out July 1) with super-cool indie producer/engineer Brad Wood. Fans have finally gotten their ears around their first taste of the album with new single 'Cigarettes And Suitcases' and it's possibly the band's finest, most rockin' moment yet. Start gearing up for one white hot album...
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