The Gayteway to South Africa
October 10, 2001
Deep Inside Hollywood

Romeo San Vicente

Paris Is Still Burning

The upcoming drag-ball documentary How Do I Look? will pick up where Paris Is Burning left off, but this time the production will be controlled by the drag queens themselves. Producer Kevin Ultra Omni, winner of 160 ballroom trophies and "mother" of the House of Omni, is overseeing the project, which revisits New York City's black and Hispanic transgender scene. Omni will use his insider status to delve deeper into cross-dressing culture than Jennie Livingston did in her ground-breaking 1990 documentary. The docu-feature will follow ballroom performers out of the clubs and into the communities in which they live, capturing their relationships with parents and the outside world. The slice-of-lifer will also differentiate itself from Paris by emphasizing the fact that many voguers have jobs, educational goals and healthy relationships with their biological families. "My 'children' work, go to school and come to the balls for fun," said Omni. "The other film didn't talk about that." Director Wolfgang Busch, who will use the project's proceeds to create a transgender empowerment program, promises that the film will include some prime runway performances as well. Paris vets David Ultima and Octavia St. Laurent will strut their stuff once again, alongside newcomers Mohammad Omni and Andre Givenchy.

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