Usual NCAA schools serve as NFL pipelines

By Brock Murphy

Last week, Southern Cal placed 11 players into the NFL through the draft.  11! Ohio State placed nine (five in the first round). Florida State eight (four in the first round). Texas, North Carolina State and Oklahoma placed six. Unfortunately, those numbers represent the sheer volume of supreme-quality starters which each school wi... Read More

Who do you consider as the best home run hitter of all time?

Pistons deserve more respect

Apparently, the Detroit Pistons are too good for their own good. For all of their recent success, the Pistons remain largely unappreciated outside of Detroit. The Pistons personify the true definition of a team. Individually, they are great. Three starters _ Chauncey Billups, Richard Hamil... Read More

Ben Cook on Baseball

Braves' mistake on Todd Jones coming back to haunt them

We've seen this before—the Atlanta Braves off to a slow start and the rest of the baseball world proudly announcing this is the year that the Braves reign ends. Well, it might be, but don't write off Bobby Cox' team just yet. Even though the Braves fell an amazing nine games out of fir... Read More

Inside Pro Football

Saints, Cardinals Come Away As the Draft's Biggest Winners

The recent NFL draft produced a bunch of winners ... and a few losers. Let's take a look at how the teams ranked:5-Star Arizona— USC's 2004 Heisman Trophy Winning QB Matt Leinert fell into coach Dennis Green's lap with the tenth pick on the first round. This is a great ... Read More

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The Top 10 Winningest Coaches in NBA History
Records prior to 2005-2006 season
  1. Lenny Wilkens, 1,315
  2. Pat Riley, 1,110*
  3. Larry Brown, 987*
  4. Bill Fitch, 944
  5. Jerry Sloan, 943*
  6. Red Auerback, 938
  7. Dick Motta, 935
  8. Jack Ramsay, 864
  9. Phil Jackson, 832*
10. Cotton Fitzsimmons, 832
* Indicates active coach