Episode 7, Page #16 - "Turning Point"

Aoi Notes: 04/21/2006

Well, things are steadily getting back to normal after our layout studio had their cable lines go out for the first half of the week. Yeah, that kinda hiccup can really do a number of an already tight schedule. As you can guess, creating manga from scratch isn't an exact science. You have a lot of factors to deal with from when scripts get approved to the speed in which an artist can finish a set number of pages. And that's just the first phase...after that, you've got lettering, toning, and all the design and layout work that goes into getting the actual book prepped for the printer. It can get pretty hairy and stressful if anything should go wrong.

Anyway, Aoi House Vol. 1's files should finally get approved today and get shipped off to the printer. Once there, it's just a matter of time before we can all hold the final book in our hands. Woohoo!

What's left to be done for the book? Mainly just some final bonus content tweaks and a couple of scattered errors elsewhere.

If you're curious (and missed me posting the list on the forum), Volume 1 of Aoi House has the following items as bonus content:
- Aoi Notes: Print Edition - 3 pages of facts and stories about the creation of Aoi House and the characters. It also has my series proposal included.
- Student Records - 10 pages of character bios and Shiei's original sketches for the entire cast.
- Fun Zone - 2 pages of special goodies.
- Original Webmanga Designs - 3 pages of the original character designs Jim Jimenez did for the original 36-episode run of the series.

That's all in addition to the fully toned pages and "special edition" treatment Shiei and I gave the rest of the story. When I say "special edition," I do mean it in the George Lucas kind of way. There are some minor dialogue and art changes to fix continuity errors and we've tossed in an awesome new opening page for Episode 4...and added a scene with the guys singing Karaoke at the end of Episode 2. The cool thing is...we doubt you'll even notice the changes and that's great because it means the book'll read even better then!

By the way, "mangafan" asked in the forum if the upcoming Aoi House side-story (it starts on May 8) will be collected in the Vol. 1 or Vol. 2. It'll be in the second volume. We literally ran out of time and pages for the first volume and couldn't include it. The cool thing is, the side-story actually fits really well with the stories I'm telling in Volume 2, so it all worked out for the best. Heck, Shiei even started working on it yesterday and she's really excited about some of the things she gets to draw in it...so that means it'll be awesome. ^_^

Wow...I just talked about nothing but 1Aoi House non-stop. Haven't done that for a while!

Well, guess that's a good place to break for the weekend at. Feel free to drop by the forum and debate what'll happen next! See you back here on Monday!

-Adam Arnold

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