Monday, May 15, 2006

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Track & Field Past State Champions (Boys)

(See Decathlon below)

-6A-Hoover; 5A-Scottsboro; 4A-UMS-Wright; 3A-Leeds; 2A-Altamont; 1A-Alabama Schooll for

2004-6A-Opelika; 5A-Scottsboro; 4A-UMS-Wright; 3A-T. R. Miller; 2A-Randolph Co.; 1A-Courtland
2003-6A-Opelika; 5A-Scottsboro; 4A-UMS-Wright; 3A-T. R. Miller; 2A-Vincent; 1A-Hazlewood
2002-6A-Tuscaloosa County; 5A-Scottsboro; 4A-UMS-Wright; 3A-Sheffield; 2A-Vincent; 1A-Hazlewood
-6A-Grissom; 5A-Williamson; 4A-Leeds; 3A-Lincoln; 2A-St. Jude; 1A-Hazlewood
2000-6A-Opelika; 5A-Blount; 4A-Leeds; 3A-UMS-Wright; 2A-Hazlewood; 1A-Courtland.

1999-6A-Opelika; 5A-Blount; 4A-Madison County; 3A-UMS-Wright; 2A-Hazlewood; 1A-St. Jude;

1998-6A-Opelika; 5A-Blount; 4A-Leeds; 3A-UMS-Wright; 2A-Hazlewood; 1A-St. Jude; Freshman-Hoover.
1997-6A-Central-Tuscaloosa; 5A-Blount; 4A-Madison County; 3A-UMS-Wright; 2A-Rogers; 1A-St. Jude; Freshman-Opelika.
1996 -6A-Central-Tuscaloosa; 5A-Williamson; 4A-Leeds; 3A-St. Paul�s; 2A-Hazlewood; 1A-Courtland; Freshman-Blount.
1995 -6A-Central-Tuscaloosa; 5A-Williamson; 4A-Leeds; 3A-St. Paul�s; 2A-Oneonta; 1A-Courtland.
1994 -6A-Jeff Davis; 5A-Smiths Station; 4A-Leeds; 3A-St. Paul�s; 2A-Hazlewood; 1A-Courtland.
1993 -6A-Central-Phenix City; 5A-Williamson; 4A-Leeds; 3A-St. Paul�s; 2A-Hazlewood; 1A-Montgomery County; Freshman-Vestavia Hills.
1992 - 6A--Theodore; 5A--Blount; 4A--T.R.Miller; 3A--St. Paul�s; 2A--Hazlewood; 1A--Alabama School for Deaf; Freshman-Georgia Washington.
1991-6A-Murphy; 5A-Blount; 4A-T. R. Miller; 3A-UMS-Wright; 2A-Hazelwood; 1A-Courtland; Freshman-Georgia Washington.
1990-6A-Murphy; 5A-Blount; 4A-UMS-Wright; 3A-Elmore County; 2A-Hazlewood; 1A-Courtland; Freshman-Brewbaker.
1989 -6A-Gardendale; 5A-Blount; 4A-Geneva; 3A-Cherokee Vocational & St. Paul�s (co-champions); 2A-Hazlewood; 1A-Billingsley; Freshman-Goodwyn.
1988-6A-Murphy; 5A-Williamson; 3A-4A-Geneva; 1A-2A-J. F. Shields; Freshman-Vigor.
1987-6A-Davidson; 5A-Williamson; 3A-4A-Geneva; 1A-2A-Randolph; Freshman-Bellingrath.
1986-6A-Davidson; 5A-Monroe County; 3A-4A-Vincent; 1A-2A-Hazlewood.
1985 -6A-Davidson; 5A-Mobile County; 3A-4A-St. Paul�s; 1A-2A-Hazlewood; Junior High-No Competition.
1984 -4A-Davidson; 3A-Gardendale; 2A-St. Paul�s; 1A-Coffeeville; Junior High (3A-4A) Williamson; Junior High (1A-2A) St. Paul�s.
1983 -4A-Central-Tuscaloosa; 3A-UMS Prep; 2A-St. Paul�s; 1A-Coffeeville; Junior High (3A-4A) Goodwyn; Junior High (1A-2A)-Vincent.
1982-4A-Davidson; 3A-UMS Prep; 2A-Calhoun; 1A-Coffeeville; Junior High (3A-4A)-Goodwyn; Junior High (1A-2A)-Coffeeville.
1981-4A-Davidson; 3A-UMS Prep; 2A-Calhoun; 1A-Coffeeville; Junior High (3A-4A) Goodwyn; Jr. High (1A-2A) Calhoun.
1980 -4A-Lee-Montgomery; 3A-McAdory; 2A-Calhoun; 1A-Coffeeville; Junior High (3A-4A) Goodwyn; Junior High (1A-2A) Calhoun.
1979 -4A-Lee-Montgomery; 3A-Gardendale; 2A-Calhoun; 1A-Coffeeville; Junior High-Davidson.
1978 -4A-Lee-Montgomery; 3A-Cherokee County; 1A-2A-D. C. Wolfe; Junior High-Goodwyn.
1977-4A-Jeff Davis; 3A-Athens; 1A-2A-Elmore County; Jr. High-Goodwyn.
1976-4A-Davidson; 3A-Athens; 1A-2A-Clements; Jr. High-Carver -Montgomery.
1975-4A-Parker; 3A-Athens; 1A-2A-Calhoun; Junior High-Bellingrath.
1974-4A-Murphy; 3A-John Carroll; 1A-2A-Cherokee Vocational; Junior High-Goodwyn.
1973-4A-Jeff Davis; 3A-Athens; 1A-2A-Ashville; Junior High-Parker.
1972-4A-Murphy; 3A-Cobb Avenue; 1A-2A-Ashville; Junior High-Mountain Brook.
1971-4A-Lee-Montgomery; 3A-Auburn; 1A-2A-Ashville; Junior High-Goodwyn.
1970 -4A-Lee-Montgomery; 3A-Auburn; 1A-2A-East Highland; Junior High-Cloverdale.
1969 -4A-Carver-Birmingham;  3A-Auburn; 1A-2A-East Highland; Junior High-Floyd & South Girard (co- champions).
1968 -4A-Lee-Montgomery; 3A-Auburn; 1A-2A-Birmingham University School.
1967-4A-Sidney Lanier; 3A-Auburn; 1A-2A-Birmingham University School.
1966-4A-Shades Valley; 3A-Auburn; 1A-2A-Birmingham University School.
1965-4A-Sidney Lanier; 3A-Auburn; 1A-2A-Birmingham University School.
1964-AA-Sidney Lanier; A-Deshler.
1963-AA-Murphy; A-Sylacauga.
1962-AA-Murphy; A-Deshler.
1961-AA-Lee-Montgomery; A-Sylacauga.

1960-AA-Murphy; A-Sylacauga.
1959-AA-Murphy; A-Tallassee.
1958-AA-Gadsden & Murphy (co-champions);  A-Russellville.
1957-AA-Tuscaloosa; A-Enterprise.
1956-AA-Sidney Lanier; A-Fairfield.
1955-AA-Tuscaloosa; A-Andalusia.
1954-AA-Sidney Lanier; A-Andalusia & McAdory (co-champions).
1953-AA-Dothan; A--Hazlewood.
1952-AA-Ramsay; A-Andalusia.
1950-1. Sidney Lanier; 2. Bessemer
1949-1. Ramsay; 2. Bessemer
1948-1. Sidney Lanier; 2. Phillips
1947-West End

1936-West End

1935-West End
1934-West End
1927-Bessemer & Phillips (co-champions)
1926-Snead Seminary
1925-Snead Seminary & Bessemer (co-champions)

Decathlon State Champions
2005-Leander McKenzie, Lee-Huntsville, 5,855
2004-Brian Jones, Hoover, 5,675
2003-Daniel Nolan, Scottsboro, 6,076
2002-Patrick Claybon, Mountain Brook, 5,983
2001-Julius Wainwright, Central-Tuscaloosa, 5,988
2000-Derek Graves, Holt, 5,958
1999-Julius Williams, Central-Phenix City, 6,018
1998-Mondez Haire, Shades Valley, 6,444
1997-Chris Beale, Grissom, 6,007
1996-Keith Nicholson, Leeds, 6,897
1995-Jason Wilson, Theodore, 6,768
1994-Cantrell Gaddis, Leeds, 6,680
1993-Kelcey Scott, Scottsboro, 6,501
1992 -Fred Beasley, Lee-Montgomery, 6,288
1991-Charles Rose, Leeds, 6,222
1990 -Mark Worley, Lee-Montgomery, 6,076
1989-Kim Boldt, Grissom, 5,961
1988-Eddie Terrell, Mountain Brook, 6,170
1987-Mike Abercrombie, W. A. Berry, 6,195
1986-Jeff Mooney, Mountain Brook, 6,332
1985-Jeff Mooney, Mountain Brook, 6,534
1984-Jeff Edwards, Opelika, 6,430
1983-Avery Rodts, Mountain Brook, 7,921
1982-Vincent Jackson, McAdory, 8,304
1981-Vincent Jackson, McAdory, 8,340
1980-Tom Powers, W. A. Berry, 8,063
1979-Dewayne Vaughn, Pinson Valley, 8,204
1978-Dewayne Vaughn, Pinson Valley, 9,026
1977-Gregg Ellis, Mountain Brook, 7,915
1976-Karl Burroughs, Tuscaloosa, 8,631
1975-Floyd Eddings, Phillips, 8,709
1974-Richard Gillette, Jeff Davis, 8,605
1973-Phil Mulkey, Mountain Brook, 8,215
1972-Sullivan Walker, Jeff Davis, 8,103
1971-David Koski, W. A. Berry, 7,268
1970-Steve Bear, Auburn, 8,511
1969-Joe Sherrill, Mountain Brook, 8,024
1968-Milton Bresler, Birmingham University School, 8,536
1967-Harry Moon, Birmingham University School, 8,325
1966-Sam Chambliss, Banks, 8,297
1965-Mike Patterson, Sidney Lanier, 8,159
1964-Mike Patterson, Sidney Lanier, 8,159
(Discontinued after 1999)
1999-Patrick Claybon, Mountain Brook, 5,139
1998-Matt Martin, Hoover, 4,577
1997-Wes Edmonds, Scottsboro, 5,044
1996-Wayne Dozier, Leeds, 4,999
1995-Kyle Neal, Fairview, 4,877
1994-Melvin Rogers, Grand Bay, 5,182
1993-Leith Nicholdon, Leeds, 5,480
1992-Jason Wilson, Theodore, 6,013
1991-Fred Beasley, Georgia Washington, 6,090
1990-Kelcey Scott, Scottsboro, 5,582
1989-Mark Worley, Goodwyn, 5,293
1988-David Brewer, Vigor, 5,598
1987-Ben Gamble, Vigor, 4,555
(Junior High Division Prior To 1987)
1986-No Competition
1985-No Competition
1984-Mike Abercrombie, W.A. Berry, 4,967
1983-Walker Jemison, Mountain Brook, 5,796
1982-Mike Vice, Mountain Brook, 5,836
1981-Bud Nesmith, Auburn, 5,803
1980-Curt Lindner, Auburn, 6,243
1979-Curt Linder, Auburn, 5,013
1978-Willie Miles, Goodwyn, 6,904
1977-Ricky Casby, Capitol Heights, 7,070
1976-Terry Buchanon, Opelika, 6,672
1975-Gregg Ellis, Mountain Brook, 6,865
1974-Floyd Eddings, Phillips, 8,191
1973-Steadman Shealy, Girard, 6,179
1972-Richard Ellis, Mountain Brook, 6,759
1971-Jimmy Dees, Goodwyn, 6,218
1970-Phil Mulkey, Birmingham University School, 7,166
1969-Russell Perry, Homewood, 6,506
1968-Homer Burke, W. A. Berry, 5,020
1967-Steve Bear, Auburn, 5,721

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