Anne, The Princess Royal (1950- )
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Princess Anne
The Princess Royal



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full name:   Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise
birth: 1950.08.15 at Clarence House, London
father:   Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
mother:   Queen Elizabeth II
marriage (I): 1973.11.14 Capt. Mark Anthony Peter Phillips, CVO (QDG)
at Westminster Abbey, London
divorce: 1992.04.23 at London
children (I): 1977 Peter Mark Andrew Phillips
  1981 Zara Anne Elizabeth Phillips
marriage (II) : 1992.12.12 Commodore Timothy James Hamilton Laurence, MVO, RN
at Craithie Parish Church, Balmoral
  Titles, Orders and Awards
  1950.09.15 Princess of Great Britain and Ireland, with the style of Her Royal Highness (H.R.H. Princess Anne)
  1952.02.06 H.R.H. The Princess Anne
  1973.11.14 H.R.H. The Princess Anne, Mrs Mark Phillips
  1987.06.03 H.R.H. The Princess Royal
  British Empire/Commonwealth Orders and Awards:
  1969.04.23 Queen Elizabeth II Royal Family Order, 2nd class
  1971.01.25 DJStJ
  1974.08.15 GCVO
1982 CD
  1990.02.06 QSO for Community Service
1990.06.28 CD
  1994.04.21 LG
  <1998> GCStJ
  2000.11.30 LT
  Foreign Orders and Awards:
  1969.07.15 Commander Grand Cross, the Order of the White Rose of Finland
  1971.10.05 Grand Cordon, the Order of the Precious Crown (Japan)
  1972.04.11 Grand Cross, the Order of the House of Orange (Netherlands)
  1972.10.17 The Order of the Yugoslav Flag, 1st class (Yugoslavia)
  199x Trinity Cross (Trinidad & Tobago)
   Honorary Military Appointments
1969.07.01 Colonel-in-Chief, 14th/20th Hussars
1970.02.28 Colonel-in-Chief, The Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment [on formation; to 2007]
1972.06.24 Colonel-in-Chief, 8th Canadian Hussars (Princess Louise's)
  1974.07.01 Chief Commandant, Women's Royal Naval Service
  1977.06.09 Colonel-in-Chief, Royal New Zealand Nursing Corps
1977.06.11 Colonel-in-Chief, Corps of Royal Signals
  1977.06.11 Honorary Air Commodore, RAF Lyneham
  1977.06.11 Colonel-in-Chief, Canadian Forces Communications and Electronics Branch
  1977.06.11 Colonel-in-Chief, The Grey and Simcoe Foresters
  1977.06.11 Colonel-in-Chief, Royal Australian Corps of Signals
  1977.06.11 Colonel-in-Chief, Royal New Zealand Corps of Signals
1981 Commandant in Chief, First Aid Nursing Yeomanry
1982.07.09 Colonel-in-Chief, The Royal Regina Rifles
1983.06.30 Colonel-in-Chief, The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment) [to 2006]
1987? Colonel-in-Chief, The Royal Newfoundland Regiment
1989.04.21 Royal Honorary Colonel, University of London OTC
1992.12.04 Colonel-in-Chief, The King's Royal Hussars [on formation]
1993.04.05 Colonel-in-Chief, The Royal Logistic Corps [on formation]
1993.09.07 Affiliated Colonel-in-Chief, Queen's Gurkha Signals
1993.09.07 Affiliated Colonel-in-Chief, The Queen's Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment
1993? Rear Admiral and Chief Commandant for Women, Royal Navy
  1993.09.02 Honorary Air Commodore, London University Air Squadron
1998.10.01 Colonel, The Blues and Royals (Royal Horse Guards and 1st Dragoons)
2003.07.01 Colonel-in-Chief, Royal Army Veterinary Corps
2006.03.28 Royal Colonel, The Royal Scots Borderers 1st Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland [on formation]
2006.03.28 Royal Colonel, 52nd Lowland 6th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland [on formation]
   Military Service
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