GO TO > Next topic 2. You should always tell authorities _______ when making a report. 12. When reporting suspicious activity, should you say why you found it suspicious? 11. Crime Tip Lines can be used to report _______. 10. If the situation is NOT life-threatening, you should _______. 9. Which of the following would qualify as an emergency situation? 8. Before you make a call, determine whether it is a _______ or _______ situation. 7. When reporting a vehicle, make sure you include: 6. When reporting a person, it's NOT important to tell authorities: 5. _______ details are the most important to supply to authorities 4. It is very important for a responding officer to be able to: 3. When should you report suspicious activity? Interactive Quiz 4 of 4 1. What are the two key elements that are vital to giving a report?
Terrorism Awareness and Prevention