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Sunlinq 6.5 watt Folding Solar Power Panel

Sunlinq 6.5 watt Folding Solar Power PanelQuantity in Basket:none
Code: GSE65

Shipping Weight: 2.10 pounds

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SunLinq Portable Folding Solar Panel - 6.5 watts

The SUNLINQ 6.5 Watt folding solar panel is ideal for hiking, camping, sporting events, on campus and at the beach.

SUNLINQ folding solar panel is a flexible, foldable and durable solar product that produces enough power to charge rechargeable flash lights, lanterns, cell phones, GPS units, satellite phones, MP3 players and portable games. Just about anything that is capable of being charged through a standard cigarette lighter adapter (CLA -car charger) can be charged by SUNLINQ. SUNLINQ is available in 6.5 Watt, 12 Watt or 25 Watt foldable solar panels.

SUNLINQ solar panels made with PowerFLEX technology are lightweight, flexible, weatherproof and durable CIGS (copper indium gallium diselenide) solar cells. It provides higher efficiency than other flexible solar cell technologies, including amorphous silicon, and has been proven to be stable.

SUNLINQ 6.5 Watt, 12V

The 6.5-watt portable solar panel offers a unique solution for reliable and portable solar power for cell phones, PDA's, and other small personal electronics. The SUNLINQ 6.5 watt solar panel weighs less than half of a pound and when folded is compact, lightweight and easily stored and transported. The SUNLINQ product line is designed for low maintenance and rugged durability. The SAE plug provides simple attachment to a load. Built-in grommets allow for hanging, mounting or laying in any position.

SunLinq folding solar panel
Accessory kit included with Sunlinq Solar Panel
CLA (Cigarette Lighter Adapter) receptacle
CLA vehicle power outlet
Battery clamps
4 in. barrel connector
8 foot extension cable
Sunlinq standard accessory kit

Typical Current (milliamps) at STC* (at 11 V) 433
Nominal Operating Voltage 12V CLA**
Typical Power (Watts) at STC* 5.5
Maximum Limit for Open Circuit Voltage 15.6V
Maximum Power (Watts) 6.5
Temperature operating range -40 F to 176 F
(-40 C to 80 C)
Size folded 9" x 5" x .5"
Size open 29.5" x 9" x .03"
Weight 0.45 lb
Max Power to weight ratio watt/lb 14.4
*Data at Standard Test Conditions (STC) STC: irradiance level 1000W / m2, spectrum AM 1.5 and cell temperature 25o C
**Cigarette Lighter Adapters (CLAs) typically operate best between 11V and 14.5V

iSun BattPak with 10 NiMH batteries save over 30%

Buy the iSun BattPak 3-Way Battery Charger with 10 NiMH batteries to go with your iSun portable solar charger, Coleman Exponent Flex 5 or Sunlinq 6.5 and 12 watt - foldable, portable solar charger.

During checkout you will be given the option to buy the iSunBPbatt for only $25. The iSunBPbatt includes 10 NiMH rechargeable batteries and multiple charging options including AC, DC and solar.

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