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This site is run by Paul Carroll

I am not a resident of any of the Subantarctic Islands, though I have had a lifelong interest in these fascinating places. I actually live near Derby in the United Kingdom.

Welcome to my website, which is now several years old and growing!

If you have any questions about the islands, please feel free to contact me

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The Subantarctic Islands

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Kerguelen Crozet Archipelago Marion Island Bouvetoya South Georgia Heard & Macdonald Islands Tristan da Cunha Gough Island

The South Atlantic and Southern Ocean contain a number of small islands, almost all of which are volcanic in origin. These small dots of land in a vast windswept ocean are remote, and often inhospitable, but represent a valuable resource, as they are the only places where many rare plant, bird and mammal species can breed.

Like Iceland and The Azores, many project from oceanic ridges. These pages are a reference to these fascinating islands, and will grow as I research and condense the available information. To discover one of these islands, select from the map, menu or listing below.

Those of you who hav previously visited may notice a few changes to the site: in essence I have decided to update it significantly and make the following improvements:

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