Philadelphia, PA Trip Planner

Join us in spring, 2006 for the second Paxil Protest.
Location: GSK's U.S. headquarters in Philadelphia, PA.
Dates to be announced soon.

To make it as easy and economical as possible for you to get to the protest we have constructed this web page to help you achieve that goal.

Out-of-towners who plan on participating in the Paxil Protest should book travel arrangements as soon as possible; your itinerary should include arriving a day early.

Your first consideration will be to decide if you want to explore the option of booking airline tickets, hotel accommodations and car rental under one service umbrella. This option might help expedite coordinating your travel arrangements and, possibly, save you some money. If this sounds appealing, visit the following:

  • Expedia
  • Orbitz
  • Travelocity
  • Up next for consideration is to decide if you'd rather look at booking elements of travel individually. If so, this is a three-part act:

    Making Airline Reservations

    Here's a handy guide to booking air tickets online. Using this as a primer, we suggest exploring the following airline fare search engines:

  • Airline Consolidator
  • BestFares
  • CheapTickets
  • FareChase
  • HotWire
  • OneTravel
  • Qixo
  • SideStep
  • TravelZoo
  • Making Hotel Arrangements

    Here's a handy guide to booking hotel rooms online.

    The hotel closest to the Paxil Protest venue is the Wyndham hotel at Franklin Plaza. This facility is quite literally right next door to GSK. Note: as of August 10th it appears most, if not all, of the Wyndham rooms are booked (if you plan on staying from Sept. 24th — 29th; arriving a day before the protest, and leaving a day after.) That said, it is still well worth a visit to the Wyndham's web site to see if rooms might be available for single night stays, or in the event of cancellations.

    Beyond the Wyndham there are quite a few hotels that are very close to the site of the Paxil Protest. Those facilities are as follows (partial list):

    Club Quarters
    1628 Chestnut Street
    (215) 282-5000
    Comfort Inn
    100 N. Christopher Columbus Blvd.
    (215) 627-7900
    21 Juniper Street
    (215) 496-3200
    237 South Broad Street
    (215) 893-1600
    Hotel Windsor
    1700 Benjamin Franklin Parkway
    1701 Locust Street
    (215) 735-6000
    120 South 17th St.
    (215) 569-8300
    The Latham
    135 South 17th St
    (215) 563-7474
    1227 Race St.
    (215) 564-2888

    Hotel chains to check out:

    Best Western
    Ramada Inn

    Hotel search engines to check out:


    Wherever you choose to stay: Equip yourself with a good map so you can make the trip from your hotel to GlaxoSmithKline a snap. Google map is ideal for this:

  • Get the street address, city, state and zip of your hotel.
  • Log onto Google maps.
  • Click on the "Directions" button at the top of the Google page.
  • Type the complete address of your hotel in the "start" box.
  • Load GSK's primary Philly address 200 North 16th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103) in the "end address" box, then click on the "search" button.
  • Google Maps will render a beautiful map — complete with directions— which you can print out and bring with you to Philadelphia. Here's the Airport Ramada Inn for example.

    Finally, if you choose a hotel that is more than a few miles distant from GlaxoSmithKline: Budget a bit of extra travel time in case you get caught in a morning traffic snarl.

    Making Car Rental Arrangements

    Here's a handy guide to booking car rentals online. Care rental search engines to check out:


    Ground Transportation —Additional Options

    You might want to check out the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority's web site for bus, subway, train and trolley service in the Philadelphia area.

    I want to hitch a ride (or share the cost of a room) with someone else. Any help?

    We are working on that. Check back under our "Protest News" page to see if we have yet posted a link to an Internet bulletin board designed to address this issue.