Links To Explore

Here is a sampling of several hundred links maintained in our Internet archives. Asterisks (*) indicate links of especial interest. Remember as you tour through the links that Paxil is called "Seroxat" in the UK, and "Aropax" in Australia.

The Medical Experts
Peter Breggin, M.D.***
Joseph Glenmullen, M.D.***
David Healy, M.D.***

The Legal Experts
Baum Hedlund Law Firm***
Donald J. Farber***
Pendley Law Firm***
Vickery & Waldner Law Firm***

Progressive Organizations
ABLE Child**
Adverse Psychiatric Reactions Information**
Alliance For Human Research Protection***
American Iatrogenic Association**
Association of Trial Lawyyers of America***
Consumers Union "Prescription For Change"**
Corp Watch*
Health Information Research Unit (Canada)
Healthy Skepticism** (Australia)
Michael Moore***
Psych Rights*
Safe Harbor***
Social Audit *** (UK)
The Center For Public Integrity***
The International Society of Drug Bulletins*
The James Lind Library*
The Dr. Rath Foundation**
Thomas J. Moore**
Theraputic Initiative (Canada)

Consumer Drug Research Tools and Information
Canadian Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring Program* (Canada)
Defective Drugs*
Drug Intel*
Essential Drugs (World Health Organization)
FDA drug labeling requirements (Title 21)*
FDA Warning Letters (search engine)**
Health Action International
Public Citizen Health Research Group*
Red Flags* (Canada)
The Antidepressant Web*** (UK)
Vigibase Services*
WHO/NGO Drug Promotion Database*

Aropax/Paxil/Seroxat Drug Labels
Aropax Consumer Medicine Information*** (AU)
Paxil Prescribing Information***
Seroxat Drug Labeling Information*** (UK)
Seroxat Drug Labeling Information*** (EU revised)
Scroll to 5/31/2005: "Package leaflet and
SPC anti-depressant paroxetine revised."
doc and scroll down to: "Withdrawal Symptoms
Seen on Discontinuation of Paroxetine Treatment."

Seroxat Patient Information (circular)*** (UK)

Withdrawal Support Groups & Information
Antidepressant Facts** (Netherlands)
Antidepressant Forum (Germany)
Bedremedicin (Denmark)
Oberoende (Sweden)
Online Seroxat Support Group** (UK)
QuitPaxil** (Canada)
Seroxat User Group** (UK)
Social Audit: Antidepressant Discussion** (UK)
SSRI Withdrawal Support Site** (UK)

Public Petitions
The Christopher Pittman Petition*
The Effexor Petition***
The Paxil Petition***
The Paxil Protest Petition*** (different from one above)
The Prozac Petition***

No Free Lunch
No Free Lunch (UK)
The Paxil Poll*