"Jesus Is With Me"

Anybody who suffers
side effects of any sort
I feel every sympathy for....

Less than 24 hours into a "cold turkey" Paxil withdrawal a child retreated into her bedroom, scribbled out a suicide note using a crayon — then summarily hanged herself to death using a bungee cord wrapped around a door knob. Her name was Kara.

Her suicide note read:

Mom, by the time you find me,
I'll be dead. I love you with
all my heart.
Don't worry, Jesus is with me.

From her mother:

.... the damn doctor wouldn't take her off it (Paxil) and I asked him to when we went in on the second visit. I told him I thought she was having some sort of reaction to Paxil (also known as Seroxat and Paroxetine) but nothing was indicated on the printout sheet that we received with her prescription.

The third visit I even asked him to put her in an in-patient clinic to get her off it and maybe try something else, if anything at all. I wanted her watched round the clock by so-called professionals so that they could get her on the straight and narrow quicker.

He told me there was no need to put her in an in-patient clinic unless... He then turned round to Kara and asked her if she felt like hurting herself or anybody else. She said 'No'. He then continued speaking to me stating that there was no need for her to be in the clinic....

Little Kara was an innocent young soul, a unique individual, a "Child of the Universe no Less than the Trees and the Stars."* She is now just a 'statistic' alongside very many others. She had "a right to be here."

Kara's family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against GlaxoSmithKline; it was "resolved" soon after the Food and Drug Administration issued its so-called "Black Box" suicide warnings.

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*From Max Ehrmann: Desiderata

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