Devil May Cry Action Figures

Available: 2003-06-01
Price: $9.99

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REVIEW by Brian Borst

In 2001, Capcom revealed a new standard in videogame coolness, and for me it was one of my favorite titles I’ve ever experienced. The game was structured around a single hero, brandishing various weapons and Wachowski style action sequences a stylish sword and demonic transformations that allowed the player to kick the proverbial hell out of anyone (or anything) who ran across his path. That game was called Devil May Cry, the hero’s name is Dante and the toy company responsible for this moment of pleasure is Toycom. First on the toy production bandwagon of a game that’s nearly two years old, Toycom’s has produced some interesting new figures based on the DMC story.

These new figures aren’t actually considered “action figures” but I’d call them “in-action figures”. They have almost no articulation and serve more as small, plastic statues. But unlike some unarticulated toys that are surfacing, these have all the kick ass style that only Dante can do. Here’s a quick look at this sweet new line.

Dante: Dante is one of Capcom’s coolest character creations since probably Akuma (Gouki) of Street Fighter fame, and no one in history makes red leather look this good. Not only does the man have a sensational outfit, but he’s also got the weapons and talents to command anyone’s respect, ‘cept those who’re trying to kill him, I guess. But is it possible for him to retain his cool appearance in toy form? Oh hell yeah.

Dante stands a little over 6” tall in a stylish wide stance with his arms crossed over one another holding both his handguns Ebony & Ivory ready for action. Both guns include some fine detail work and are removable from his hands. The sword that is included is a bit of a mystery to me because it looks like the designers crossed the handle style of Alastor thunder sword with the blade and hilt of the Force Edge together. The sword plugs into Dante’s back and unfortunately cannot be held in his hands. The paint application is pretty good, with airbrushed shades of dark reds and light blacks painted onto the entire costume. I especially like the fine paint detail on both guns. Instead of opting to just paint the weapons black and silver like other companies would be so lazy to do, Toycom went for authenticity and kept these weapons true. Dante includes three points of articulation found in both wrists and his waist.

Trish: The blond bombshell who’s incapable of deciding which side she wants to fight for makes her very first appearance in plastic. She’s dressed in her skintight, tongue licking black leather pants and vest with her long blonde hair swaying behind her. The arms, legs and head are molded permanently in place and there’s some exquisite paint detail found in the eyes and face. The black leather clad femme fatale stands at 7” tall holding both Ebony & Ivory and includes three points of juncture (both forearms and waist).

Marionettes: What was probably one of the most interesting and creative enemies that Capcom designers have ever created are the Marionettes. These preternatural, lanky minions of the demonic underworld chased Dante through every recess of the game and appeared in various fashions, each carrying different weapons. The idealists behind Toycom’s DMC line included a mixture of two of the more commonly found dolls giving the buyers some different and necessary options. The Marionettes can be found in three different colors scheme, red, green and blue. Each doll stands at 7” tall, consists of two different variant heads (one with the sad face mask and the other being the clown jesters head) as well as variant arms that carry either small knives or rounded hand blades. Each limb and head can be easily popped off and replaced without worry of joints breaking because of the solid construction.

The presentation of the Marionette is quite good, with some attractive care put into the wood grain found in the arms and legs plus the costume medieval fashion. The paint application is decent with just minor signs of sloppiness. Strangely, these dolls have more articulated points than both Dante and Trish combined with nine complete points (neck, both shoulders, elbows, wrists and ankles).

Although I wasn’t able to get my hands on the sample of this sweet looking piece, I can certainly show to my readers what’s recently achieved an instant sold-out status according to Toycom. The statue is based off of the most famous image of Dante sitting on a pile of broken and shot up Marionette torso’s, while resting on the handle of Alastor and his sawed-off shotgun in hand. It comes with a wood display base, a name placard on front and should retail around $49.99 to $59.99.

Final Thoughts: Being a huge DMC fan that I am (my #1 cosplay character) I was thrilled to hear that Toycom was planning on releasing figures based on this game. Although I was expecting these to be actual action figure with numerous points of articulation, I can appreciate that Toycom went for an “in-action” style that many companies are starting to pick up on these days. The packaging is a bit disappointing, with some simple design elements and an almost plain black card backing. Then again, I can’t bitch too much considering I open all my toys. Hopefully this company will retain the DMC license and get started on some real action figures and 12” figures, I know a lot of people who’d love to own a 12” Dante, Trish and Neo Angelo.

Oh yeah, be sure to check out the wallpaper dedictaed to this cool little line. Of course, it's not a shnazy as some of the ones in Anime but I'm trying...


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