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Gorgeous Carmen Luvana is one of porn's reigning superstars. Born in New York and raised in Puerto Rico, she moved to Miami at 18, where she soon started dancing in Miami Beach gentlemen's clubs. After entering the adult video industry in 2001, she launched into a career that has seen more than 100 titles and taken her around the country as a popular featured dancer. In an industry where Latina actresses are often seen as having only "specialty" appeal, Carmen has broken new ground, becoming one of adult entertainment's biggest sensations, giving even Jenna Jameson a run for her money.

Now in her third year as a contract star with Adam & Eve, Carmen starred in the 2005 Digital Playground supersmash Pirates, and is currently shooting several more features for Adam & Eve. Carmen Luvana took a few moments to chat with Eros Zine.

Eros Zine: After starting out as a contract girl with Digital Sin/New Sensations, you moved to Adam & Eve. How long have you been with Adam & Eve, how has that relationship been, and how much do you work for Adam & Eve?

Carmen Luvana: Well I just signed my third year with them, and they are more than I would have ever expected. I would not trade them for any other company. Not only do they do quality work, but I believe they have the best reputation in the adult business and they treat me like family. So what else is there to ask for?

I dont have set times working for them; sometimes I work three weeks straight nonstop, and then sometimes I have three weeks off with nothing to do. But then again, on the side I have my feature dancing and web site, which takes alot of time. So I pretty much keep myself busy.

Eros Zine: Speaking of dancing -- you started out in the business as an exotic dancer, and are still known as a popular feature at gentlemen's clubs. Do you still travel for feature dancing? Do you like dancing as compared to acting? Is it easier or more difficult?

Carmen Luvana: Well acting is alot more difficult for me mainly because of my accent. I am okay, but not great, when it comes to acting and dialog. When it comes to feature dancing, I love dancing so it's a little easier. Now I feature at least once a month in a different city, so make sure you check out my calendar at my site to keep posted on where I will be.

Eros Zine: You're one of the few big stars from Puerto Rico, and for my money some of the hottest scenes you've done are ones where you're speaking Spanish -- the sexiest language there is as far as I'm concerned. Do you feel like the industry is open to Latina stars, or has it been a struggle?

Carmen Luvana: Before I got in, I heard it was very hard for Latinas in the biz, but realistically it has done nothing but help me, being able to speak both languages. Well, I guess its also because I can appeal to both markets. I look white, but am Spanish, so that helps, too.

Eros Zine: For a long time you didn't do anal sex, which is a staple of the industry; you recently did it for the first time. Why did you refrain from doing it for a while, and was it a positive experience to do it?

Carmen Luvana: I did not do it before because I had always said that I would never do anything that I did not feel comfortable with, no matter how much they paid me. But, hey, I have been getting a lot of practice and have started to enjoy it lately. So that's when I decided to go ahead and do it on video.

Eros Zine: So you had done anal sex in your private life and enjoyed it, and that made it comfortable for you to do it in a movie?

Carmen Luvana: Yup, after I tried it in my personal life I saw that I actually enjoy it and that's when I decided to do it in front of the camera.

Eros Zine: Last year you starred in Pirates, which has been called the most ambitious adult feature of all time, and also -- just plain hot! Were you excited to be in a feature with a little more meat in it, so to speak, than the usual adult features? Were the costumes, situations and sets fun for you?

Carmen Luvana: I love it, simply because it was such a well movie put together and all the recognition it has gotten makes me feel very good. The cast and crew were just amazing.

I mean, Pirates was a lot of hard work, but it was so worth it. It's such an honor to be able to show everybody that features still do very well and that they are not fading away because of all the gonzo. And it goes to show you that a good film can be done with great sex and sell even more than gonzo.

Eros Zine In Pirates, you performed with Jesse Jane -- what was that like? Was it fun to perform with another of adult's most famous stars?

Carmen Luvana: Working with Jesse was great because I always saw her as this innocent looking girl, but they had created this tension between us before doing the scene, so that when they finally put us together it was just amazing. When we started the scene it was so good and intense that even the director [Joone] did not tell us even once what do or how to position, which is very unlikely during the filming of a movie. And Jesse turned out to be just a dirty little slut like me. [laughs] Got to love it!

Eros Zine: Are you working on any follow-ups to Pirates, or any other features where you can be a bit of an action or drama star?

Carmen Luvana: Oh, yes. Adam & Eve is coming out with two huge features currently filming. They are not Pirates or sequels to it, but just as good. Believe me when I say there's great sex in them -- with, of course, good production quality. I don't know if there will be a sequel to Pirates. I mean, people talk about it, but we shall see later down the line.

Eros Zine: You do some really hot girl-girl scenes on camera - are you bisexual in your private life?

Carmen Luvana: Yes, I am. I love girls, and as a surprise I love giving oral to a woman more than I like receiving it. It is such a turn on to me -- women are so beautiful! I could just have them all!

Eros Zine: Who are your favorite male stars to work with?

Carmen Luvana: All of them [laughs]. It's so hard to choose. I Stone, Tony Tedeschi, Mark Davis....sooooooo many more!

Eros Zine: How about your favorite female stars?

Carmen Luvana: Again too many to mention, but here are a few.....Nikita Denise, Holly Hollywood, Jesse Jane.

Eros Zine: I've heard that you love to play pool. What's your favorite game? Ever sneak that second foot off the floor, or are you a straight shooter all the way?

Carmen Luvana: I wish I could say I am the best. [laughs] Hey, my technique is going with a miniskirt and trying to distract whoever I am playing with when it's time for them to shoot. I am okay, not great, but I love the game and will soon be champion of the world. [laughs] Yeah, right!

Eros Zine: In an interview with Luke Ford, you said when you meet a guy you are clear that you don't want a relationship. Is that still true, or do you have someone more long-term now?

Carmen Luvana: Well, I am dating, but I have had so many disappointments, it made me feel that I did not want to date -- but if the right guy comes along then why not? But that guy has to be okay with what I do, because I am a very independent person and I am not quitting what I do any time soon. A guy who is okay with that is hard to find.

Eros Zine: Fans of Carmen Luvana can keep up with her work at Club Carmen and through her many DVDs -- as she mentioned, she's recently signed for her third year as a contract star with Adam & Eve. Thanks for talking with us, Carmen!

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