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The Epson Online Experience.  A photo enthusiast’s dream….
5mm created 60 information packed videos for Epson, to take subscribers into the world of professional photography and digital printmaking.  The Epson Online Experience is an innovative web based program. Every week, you can view five new videos packed with professional techniques, tips and step-by-step tutorials for creating spectacular images and digital prints.

Each video features three segments:
Segment 1 – follow five professional photographers on their journeys from a high fashion shoot in New York City to a location in the heart of the Utah wilderness.  Prepare for the shoot, set up the lighting and deal with the elements alongside these professionals as they capture their images.  Then watch and learn as they color correct, dodge and burn and enhance the images for spectacular results.

Segment 2 – watch the how-to tutorials that will show you step-by-step the professional techniques for capturing, scanning, enhancing and outputting exhibition quality prints.

Segment 3 – Experts will share their favorite tip, personal secret or insight.  It’s your chance to capitalize on their years of experience to improve your own photography or printmaking.

BONUS - you’ll also have access to a library of how-to videos covering everything from the basics to expert advice on color management to insider printing tips from master printmakers.

Click here to view the demo, from award winning photographer and musician, Graham Nash»



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